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"How To Multiply The Value Of The Money You Already Have... Without Having To Get More Money To Do It."

In today’s modern economic world, over a third of adults self report on feelings of being stuck and dissatisfied with their current lifestyles.

"This is Insane When You Really Think About It"...

The insanity becomes apparent when you understand the enormity of the social engineering that's gone into convincing you that its proper to work all your life so you can potentially "fund" a tiny bit of freedom at the end of it. (Apologies to Henry David Thoreau)

The reality for most people is that there isn't much freedom or funds after 40 to 50 years at the grindstone... but there is an abundance of fear, anxiety, stress and uncertainty.

An alternative is to live more freely now with financial independence. That way you can enjoy the next 20 or 30 years instead of being stressed by the lack of time, money or freedom.

All it takes is a switch in thinking... and when this happens, you can investigate opportunities to learn How To Multiply The Value Of The Money You Already Have... without having to get more money to do it.

When desire for solutions becomes greater than continuing with the status quo...  solutions suddenly appear.

Click this link and you'll find one.

The sad thing is that most people don't reach out for solutions... they just keep doing the same old things over and over.

Unfortunately, most wage earners have been socially engineered into commodities who preform the behavioural tasks of earn... spend... and borrow... imprinted in them by the economic elites.

This results in believing mainstream false truths and becoming too impatient to undertake change. It also results in a lack of real understanding of money... or fiat currency to use its correct term... and the continual slide into retirement with nothing much to show for your labour or time.

“Why must we all work long hours to earn the right to live”, asked writer Josh Jones and, “Why must only the wealthy have access to leisure, aesthetic pleasure, self-actualization?”

They're great questions... BUT the truth is that leisure, aesthetic pleasure, and self-actualization are available to anyone who seriously wants them... not just the wealthy.

To my mind, a more important question is, "Why would you continue with a stuck and dissatisfied lifestyle when solutions are readily available?"

It’s time to end the absence of leisure, aesthetic pleasure, and self-actualization in your life.

You no longer need to be burdened with jobs and wages, or low cash flow businesses, or an uncertain retirement lifestyle. You’re entitled to indulge your passions and live with greater purpose, freedom and independence NOW!

"Finally... The Money MYTH Is Exposed."

If you're frustrated by not being able to change the circumstances that lock you into cycles of earn... spend... and borrow... I know exactly how you feel.

Not so long ago, they were my circumstances as well.

That's when I discovered the hidden cause to the absence of freedom and leisure in most people's lives.

This discovery made me angry, shocked and a little defensive at first.

But when the nature of this lie, (hidden cause) finally dawned on me, I decided to do the only thing I could do. I turned my anger into motivation...

Then I turned my motivation into learning...

Then I turned my learning into a new skill...

And then I turned my new skill into a financially free and independent lifestyle.

Now you can follow my lead and get similar results for yourself.

Otherwise you'll stay the same. You'll continue to work and ‘create profits for owners’. That's because...

Most everything you've been taught about money is wrong!

If it was "right"... you'd be living your freedom lifestyle now wouldn't you?

You wouldn't be continuing with money stress... need... fear... uncertainty... debt... work predictability and the struggles of sameness.

Instead, you'd be thriving everyday because you've gained financial independence.

if you're like most people trying to make ends meet, you're probably following the biggest money lie you've ever been told.

And because of this, you've lost decades to doing the same things over and over. And you hardly even notice how quickly the decades roll by.

If you want financial independence...

...and if you want to improve your lifestyle in the immediate future, it’s critically important to understand how your labour and time have been turned into a commodity so that your lifestyle turns out to be the exact opposite of what you want.

When you first start earning money, your money psychology is shaped by social engineers so that it serves the needs of the culture you’re born into. It's not shaped to serve your needs for more time... more money... and more freedom... or aesthetic pleasures, and self-actualization.

Your money psychology begins its development via your parents. You naturally absorb their values and money behaviours.

Its further shaped and reinforced through schooling, college, university and mass media.

You're taught that the only way to earn money is to exchange your time and labour for it.

It's a process that began hundreds of years ago when English landlords forced ‘ordinary folk’ into jobbing for them because they were viewed as being lazy, immoral and unproductive.

Thus, you're "schooled" in the idea that money is created through jobbing.

When this happens, your identity as a commodity... an employee is born. It's the same serfdom and servitude of earlier times, just the name has changed.

The type of job or industry you end up in, is largely dependent on social and environmental influences and the opportunities available to you. Nothing wrong with this except for one thing. Part of your money psychology has to do with what you do with your money after you’ve exchanged your time and labour for it.

Through a parallel process of conditioning, you’re taught that “rewards” don’t come from the work you do, they come from spending the money you earn.

Because mass marketing and education continually reinforce the connection between rewards and spending, your psyche develops behaviours based on cyclical patterns of earning and spending.

This patterning is important because the profit makers understand that material rewards are only ever temporary. It’s a good thing for them… but a bad thing for you.

In order to make more profits, they produce emotionally seductive marketing designed to trigger more spending on more temporary rewards. It's a process you're conditioned to follow for decades without realising that the cost to you is your freedom and independence.

The ultimate expense
to you is decades of sameness without really getting anywhere.

Sameness for you means more profits for the profit makers. It's exactly what they want. The more predictable you become, the more profits they make.

Not so long ago, if you ran out of money, you had to wait until your next payday before you could spend again. But this process didn’t suit the “Captains Of Capitalism” because they wanted more profits more quickly.

During the 1950’s, Diners’ Club and American Express introduced credit cards and dramatically changed consumer spending habits. Now you had the means of spending money you had yet to earn.

In essence, credit cards allowed you to spend future money on bigger, better and more instant rewards.

And somehow, it became OK to pay high interest rates for the privilege of spending future money.

In the last few decades, debt spending has quickly became the norm. Everyday, you're offered an increasing number of ways to spend. If you hit your credit card limit… no problems… you can get another one.

If you have a home, no problems... you're encouraged to use home equity as your personalised ATM machine.

What’s not understood about “reward” spending is the role neurochemistry plays in establishing
spending addictions.

The more you spend, the more your brain's specialised cells called dopamine neurons learn to “reward” you with squirts of dopamine... a powerful neurotransmitter that makes you feel good.

The more you get rewarded with feel good dopamine… the more you crave this experience because of the chemical buzz you get from it.

The point of all this, is to understand that “spending” on temporary rewards is “giving your money away” for something that cannot give you freedom or independence. It can only keep you enslaved as a commodity for 40 to 50 years.

That's why you have to keep "working", earning and spending because the external "rewards" you buy are only ever temporary.

And when it comes to developing more cash flow, you probably don’t realise that your money psychology has been conditioned for “loss making”… rather than profit making.

That's why people often lose money when they try to make more money.

It follows the same pattern generation after generation. People working their entire working lives without having anything substantial to show for it.

There's nothing wrong with spending in and of itself. If you can do it because you're financially free... keep enjoying it.

The sort of spending I'm talking about is the unconscious spending of future money that keeps you in debt and makes you work for decades without getting anywhere.

You can do course after course on how to make more money... but the odds are against you succeeding because of the behaviours that keep your current money psychology in place.

In order to start living your perfect lifestyle, you must change your money psychology!

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You must move away from depletion money habits so you can learn new money skills. Without a new appreciation money and how you can multiply its value rather than continually depleting it, you'll be sabotaging yet another attempt to be financially free.

If you need support with this, make sure you work with someone who can nurture what you're trying to achieve.

That's my expertise...

Together, we solve challenges so you can move your results to the next level.

Now YOU TOO can enjoy all the mentoring support you need to make sure the next phase of your life is exactly how you want it.

For nearly 20 years, my support has allowed thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and wage earners to achieve results they could never otherwise achieve by themselves.

My personalised mentoring helps you get results faster. It's about saving you time and money by making sure you no longer chase things that don't work. It's about sharing information in a way that makes sense for you... and helps you feel confident that you're on the right track.

Imagine... immersing yourself in a "mastermind" mentoring process that energises you so much that relationships, projects and money making seem to flow effortlessly in the right direction.

Imagine... learning firsthand from your very own successful, but down to earth, multimillionaire who's passionate about giving back by sharing ideas, experiences and proven strategies for success.

Imagine... how much time, money and personal effort this will save you and the amount of "trial and error" costly mistakes you'll never have to make again.

Imagine... having private one on one conversations that liberate your results beyond their present limits. Conversations that share philosophies, ideas and secrets about business, money and entrepreneurship that floods your mind with new ideas, frameworks, strategies and trans-formative opportunities.

The secret to making more money and gaining more life freedom is to take what you already know, or are willing to learn, and direct it towards multiplying the value of the money you already have. You don't "have" to go out and create millions of "more" dollars if you don't have the time and resources to do it.

However, you do have to start by multiplying the value of the money you already have... rather than continuing with the socially engineered depletion of money value.

You do this through new models of thinking, enterprise and skill development.

If you're a trader, your results will accelerate faster by understanding this concept.

The sooner you take action... the sooner you unlock your true value, sense of purpose and lucrative achievement.

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