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Attention Enterprise Thinkers: Now You Can Be The Entrepreneur You’ve Always Wanted To Be

“Discover The Naked Entrepreneur... A Proven “System” That Develops Your Confidence, Clarity And Ability For Achieving Wealth In The New Economy.”

Basically there are three ways you can earn your future income.

The first.. is the traditional way of exchanging time and labour for wages. This requires the continuation of believing in the social hypnosis concept of sacrificing 30 or 40 years of your life to work.

This means doing the same things over and over again in constant work/pay cycles of earn, spend and borrow!

And then, as if by magic, you're supposed to believe that you can use a big payday at the end of your work life to buy back the 30 or 40 years you just sacrificed so you can experience the freedom that was your birthright in the first place.

The second... is to follow your creative desires and go it alone by accepting the belief that if you simply follow your passions, the money will come. The problem with this pathway is that you may never develop the necessary entrepreneurial and marketing skills or support you need to create financial independence.

You may even end up subconsciously justifying that a path of struggle is what you need to do in order to achieve a fulfilling life outcome.

Among those who are already financially free, the first two ways of earning income are referred to as the delayed gratification life plan.

The sad thing is that the delayed gratification plan never seems to make people rich. And the few who do make it become so accustomed to sacrifice that they’ve forgotten how to enjoy happiness.

You cannot win the game of money if you follow the delayed gratification life plan.

You cannot win the game of money if you fail to properly understand it.

You cannot win the game of money if you allow others to play it better than you.

Unless you extract yourself from diminishing time and wages and direct your skills to enterprise and value, and learn to share that value in a leveraged way, you’ll always remain a slave to the social hypnosis that manipulates your time and labour.

The third... way of making money is to follow the path of The Naked Entrepreneur so that you can truly be free and experience much of what life has to offer.

By doing so, you’ll be following a certain pattern; a certain formula based on mind, money and meaning that enables you to continually break through to new levels of success.

In doing so, you’ll discover that freedom is the one thing you’ll have in common with those who have already achieved their financial success.

“A Naked Entrepreneur” is someone who puts in the effort to create a future based on rock solid lucrative income streams so they can have more time... more money and more freedom!

They see through the lie that happy, easy, now... impossible shortcuts are the pathways to riches and financial independence. They have the ability to see through the fantasy that you can make a fortune without doing any real work.

“A Naked Entrepreneur” is passionate about helping others in ways that bring true value to their lives and the solutions they want. They work with a determination that’s stripped bare of societies’ social hypnosis, half truths and marketing hype.

The future belongs to those on the third pathway... those who can develop their value and share it through entrepreneurial and marketing skills.

In the fast moving economy of today, your levels of knowledge, skill and entrepreneurial thinking literally predict your future with money. They also predict your happiness and the amount of freedom or stress you continue to experience.

An entrepreneur is someone who takes resources of time, knowledge, skills, money, and information from a lower level of productivity to a higher level of productivity.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t!” (Unknown)

When you break your old mould and grasp new opportunities, your life results begin to soar. You’ll take advantage of the knowledge and wisdom that’s at the heart of what really causes meaningful progress in the lives of a significant number of other people.

Whether or not you succeed does not depend on your ability to spend more hours at the grindstone. It solely depends on your ability to focus on the domains of higher learning, higher leverage and higher efficacy.

By high leverage, I mean things that work for you in terms of who you are. Things that align with the architecture of your values, exchange, money, finance and extraordinary success.

As a naked entrepreneur, you’ll learn to master the area of mind because neuroscience is showing us that it’s the way you constantly think about money that's responsible for shaping your money reality.

Neuroscience also tells us that the brain is very plastic and that you can easily reshape it to create a new money reality. As soon as you begin this process, you can explode your financial results in relatively short periods of time.

As a naked entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to reshape value and develop the ability to do things that are meaningful for yourself and for a significant number of others.

Not only will you learn how to master money, you’ll learn how to develop expertise and value creation so that you can easily market and sell that value over and over again.

By understanding how the human mind really works, you’ll more effectively cause yourself to do the things you want to do. You’ll also be more skilled at closing the gap between what you know you should be doing but are not doing.

If economic or personal freedom is important to you, then you must get yourself the best education you possibly can in that direction.

The greatest challenge to financial freedom is trying to do everything by yourself. It rarely ever succeeds and it's not the easiest pathway.

As evidenced by all the people who have succeeded at the highest levels on any endeavour, the easiest pathway is to find yourself a mentor who is skilled in creating the outcomes you want for yourself.

If you’d like to save time, save money and years of learning then The Naked Entrepreneur is especially designed for you.

If you want the most up to date success formulas based on the latest research into the neuroscience of successing, then it’s no accident you’re reading this. It will literally save you years of study and learning on your journey towards success and greater financial independence.

In a society that’s experiencing the stress of rapid change, if you’re not successful with money, you will get left behind. Without the ability to generate extra income it’s impossible to get the other parts of your lifestyle heading in the direction you want.

When money issues hold you back, everything else gets held back and you fail to experience even a fraction of your true potential.

Morrie Shechtman, Chairman of Fifth Wave Leadership, observes that the gap between ‘success and mediocrity’ is growing more rapidly than ever before because some people are accessing new information and ways of thinking while many are not.

“In the search for rich, meaningful experiences, “Our task”, notes Shechtman, “Is to develop skills for succeeding in a new culture that constantly challenges your belief systems and your core values.”

The search for more enriching and meaningful experiences now requires greater self-confidence, more flexibility, more resourcefulness and more self-knowledge than at any previous time in history. It’s time to change!

John B Arden PhD, author of Rewire Your Brain, notes that ‘if you want to change your life, you need to change your brain’ otherwise change is not possible because all thoughts will still be running along your previously conditioned neuropathways.

 “We live our lives based on what we believe about the world, ourselves, our capacities and our limits”, notes Gregg Braden. If you want to change the expression of your life, then you must change the beliefs that you’ve been conditioned with.

If thoughts continue to travel along familiar pathways, they can only ever lead to the same old results. Braden suggests that, “There’s new evidence that the universe works like a consciousness computer… belief is the code that programs reality”.

This means that if you change your beliefs, you change your reality.

The Naked Entrepreneur is the fastest and safest way to live the life of your dreams.

The Naked Entrepreneur is a densely packed educational and mentoring program that provides you with the best opportunities to enjoy the freedom, the adventure, the passions, the laughter, the learning, the camaraderie, the growth, the peace of mind, the flexibility and the independence that comes with more choices, more learning, more time and more money.

It’s a unique combination of information, skills, abilities and support delivered by Paul Counsel... a mentor who’s totally focused on your success and personal outcomes. The subject areas covered include the following:

•    The speed of implementation: Eben Pagan, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the new economic age, maintains that entrepreneurs who succeed and excel are those who implement new knowledge. They’re not the procrastinators or the fence sitters or the wanderers, they’re the people who seize opportunities with both hands and implement what they learn. If you want to profit from something, if you want to build an asset that has long-term value, then you must get into action and do what actually works to make money. There are more ways to do things wrong than there are to do things right, so it’s critically important to learn the right ways right from the very beginning.

•    Awakening your naked entrepreneurial genius: in this subject, Paul shares his amazing discoveries in personal psychology and the critical breakthroughs in neuroscience that allow you to access your creative, entrepreneurial and business genius. He’ll also show you how to work in a state of creative efficiency and productive flow with tools that have taken him many years to discover, test and refine for himself.

•    Understanding and decision making styles of successful entrepreneurs: every person has the necessary mind power to be successful but the problem is that most people don’t know how to access it. Your innate mind potential waits for you to give it the correct instructions. Once you learn how to access your unique genius hardware, the pathway to success becomes increasingly obvious. You’ll learn how to access all the latent genius just waiting to be unlocked in your mind and you’ll find yourself being able to do just about anything. Not only will Paul show you how to identify your unique genius, he’ll show you how to connect to it at will so that you get twice the output with half the effort instead of half the output with twice the effort.

•    Lucrative Income System: Paul has spent nearly 16 years refining and perfecting his lucrative income system. It’s a step by step system that helps you develop your confidence, clarity and ability for achieving wealth in the new economy. It’s the exact same step by step system that Paul has used to develop multiple six and seven figure incomes every year for the past sixteen years... Now it’s your turn. There are four blueprints to this system and each blueprint is broken down into easy to implement modules.

•  The psychology of enterprise selling: this subject concentrates on the latest research into strategies and formulas for increasing profits in any given endeavour. No matter whether you’re developing a successful new business or trying to get an established business to earn more cash flow, the way to get there is by following a series of strategies and formulas designed by some of the brightest minds in the world. The Naked Entrepreneur program walks you through the skills of internet marketing; including list building, sales funnels, product creation, marketing and social media, website creation, positioning and selling, income generation , video production and copy-writing.

•    How to design and set up a lucrative sales funnel: First you need to drive traffic to a “lead magnet” for collecting leads, providing value and establishing relationships. Next stage is a “trip wire” which is an inexpensive product, say $7 that easily converts prospects into customers. It consists of a one problem, one solution product that I’ll show you how to create. Next stage is your “core offer” which consists of your flagship solution... or the product you most want to be known for. This could be priced anywhere from $47 to $497 that offers valuable solutions for existing problems. Next stage of your sales funnel is what’s known as a “profit maximiser”. Essentially, it’s a way of offering more value to your customers and takes them further along the value chain if they need further support. It could be personal coaching for example. The next stage of your funnel is the “return path”... essentially it’s a way of automatically walking your customers through each of the important steps above and helping them understand the value you're offering.

•    Money, business and your evolutionary brain: Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth and E-Myth Revisited, observes that 80 percent of all new businesses fail in the first five years and a further eighty percent fail in the next five years. That’s a 96 percent failure rate within ten years. The reason for this is found in the most recent research which reveals that the real culprit in people’s flawed relationship with business and money may is their own evolutionary brain. This topic combines concepts founded in neuroscience, economics and psychology and explains why it’s actually your biology that drives you toward good or bad decisions and how you can turn this around to make more effective and productive decisions.

•    How to successfully advertise and attract more customers: nothing happens in business until a customer buys. Whether your business is on line or off line, growing your business relies on you getting more traffic and more customers. The way to increase profits is through successful customer conversions. In this program, you’ll not only learn the step by step processes of how to get more customers, more importantly you’ll learn how to get those customers to buy more from you.

•    The success psychology, tactics and strategies of neuromarketing: This part of the program focuses on becoming world class in the areas of marketing, conversion, value creation and sales, the four pillars of success that every successful entrepreneur understands. It’s learning how to get your prospects/customers to move from general interest to enthusiastic buyers - the action necessary to take your business to the next level of financial success. Desire always directs its attention toward what’s missing or in short supply. If you provide for what’s missing in people’s lives and if you develop mastery in the area of marketing; you’ll be on your way to accomplishing all your financial goals. Not only will you be making substantial amounts of income, you’ll be attracting the types of customers you want to connect with.

•    How to create and add value: Money and time are the only real measures of value in a modern world. The way to think about value is critical to your success. Your primary asset is you so not only do you need to become an asset in the lives of others, your business, product or service must become an asset in the lives of a significant number of others. This subject focuses on value, how it’s created, how it’s exchanged and how to become a more valuable asset to an increasing number of people.

•    How to create, package and distribute high value information and knowledge products: it’s all about adding value to customers so they help you exponentially grow your business. Within the rapidly growing knowledge economy, information businesses are the fastest growing sector. If you know how to put the right information into the right products, and place them in front of the right people at the right time, not only do people pay a lot of money for them, a lot more buy them. This part of the programme concentrates on showing you how to increase the number of people showing up to buy your products by increasing the quality of information that’s on offer.

•    Fine tuning your money psychology: understanding this concept is essential if making more money and long-term financial success are important to you. It marks the difference between those who fail and those who succeed. It’s all about overcoming the conditioned relationships between mind, money and emotions so that you can create more economic freedom for yourself and others. The absolute worst thing you can do is keep doing what you've always done. Remember that most people fail in their attempts to create financial freedom and, as a result, they remain financial underachievers. So if you follow in most people's footsteps, it never works – ever! No exceptions! If you’re serious about financial independence and economic freedom, you MUST start with the inner process first – your mindset and how your money motivations have been shaped for instant gratification in order to keep you under the social hypnosis spell of servitude.

•    Jet streaming your business: destroying the plateau effect: The ‘plateau effect’ plagues most people in business. It comes into play when businesses ‘stop growing’ and it subjugates business owners to years of hard work for minimal financial advancement. The first step in turning a plateauing business into a thriving business is to design an integrated and detailed plan that focuses on products, markets, marketing, supply, customers and monthly figures. When you get the mix right, you have less stress and more certainty along with constantly expanding income streams. You experience an inner sense of pleasure, gratification and reward along with fulfilment, connection and a lifestyle that’s the envy of others.

•    Reference group – Mindset – Motivation – Mastery - Money: success happens in this order and never – EVER – in any other order. Substantial amounts of money come as a result of mastering a certain skill; it comes as a result of mastery in a particular discipline. Mastery is a product of sticking with a skill long enough to master it. Motivation to stick with something long enough comes from your mindset. Your mindset is a product of your current reference group – the people who are closest to you – are they wanting you to succeed or are they blocking your progress? Success with money is only available when you learn how to think and act from a higher level.

•    A dynamic community of like minded people: it’s been said by many researches that your reference group has the most powerful impact on whether or not you gain access to economic and personal freedom. When you join The Naked Entrepreneur, you become part of a community of passionate, successful, extraordinary entrepreneurs that are all committed to the success of their peers. People who are ultra happy and ultra successful, seldom achieve these states on their own. The Naked Entrepreneur attracts intelligent and strategic people who are on the move to long-term success. Working among other successful entrepreneurs is not only an essential ingredient in your success; it’s the most critical of all. Join a community of like minded people, your own mastermind as Napoleon Hill calls it, all heading in the same direction and all supportive of each others goals.

•    Transform yourself into a high level closer: as mentioned earlier, nothing happens in business until a sale is completed. When sales and marketing are done well, when you concentrate on the exchange of value, the fear of sales transforms into the love of sales. Once you understand the emotional drivers people access in order to make their purchasing decisions; you can learn to access these drivers in your everyday communication. Not only will you discover that you really can sell anything, you’ll experience the freedom that comes with this knowledge and you’ll be able to choose exactly how you want to spend your time and earn your money.

•  Access to a dynamic and proactive mastermind: because The Naked Entrepreneur is aimed at serious achievers, and because it’s the highest quality training you can get, it’s the stand alone Platinum Experience among business and economic programs. The Platinum Experience allows you to gain direct access to the brilliant thinking and mastermind of Paul himself.

•    Save time, money and effort: not only will you save time, money and energy by not having to do a lot of trial and error work yourself, you’ll save time, money and effort by protecting yourself from making very expensive and avoidable mistakes. This is especially important in these rapidly changing economic conditions.

•    A unique and rewarding program of accelerated learning: that's not only fun to do; it’ll have you moving from confusion and isolation to clarity, confidence and capability faster than going it alone. It’s uniquely designed so that you can plan and learn your way from financial uncertainty to financial independence. Success is based on four very important platforms:

1) High quality new information across a wide range of subjects.
2) Structured for success including peer reviewed feedback.
3) Reference group of motivated people all committed to each others success.
4) Access to Paul, his stories, his ideas, his experiences and his contacts.

The Naked Entrepreneur allows you to live abundance. The alternative is to unconsciously play out the same results over and over again. No matter what your personal history or previous experience, if you feel you should be experiencing more, then allow The Naked Entrepreneur to provide the necessary opportunities to become more, have more, feel more and enjoy more.

Remember that The Naked Entrepreneur involves stripping entrepreneurial success of its hype... It’s about committing yourself to a course of instruction via one full weekend of content per month, and then doing the necessary homework before the next month’s session.

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