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Many people think that the journey towards money mastery or economic and personal freedom starts the minute you make a decision to begin learning the knowledge and skills necessary to get you there. The thinking is that the money mastery process begins as soon as you take your first step towards your ultimate destination.

But I don't think this is the real stepping off point. I believe the real process begins the minute you truly make a decision to leave the conditioning of your past behind you. I think that many people have a wish or a desire, or even a need, for financial freedom, but they never truly make a decision to move forward. Their conditioning is so strong that it acts like a black hole whose gravitational pull keeps pulling them back into the world of their familiars - their comfort zones.

Have you ever truly thought about decisions and when they are actually made? The word decision comes from the mid-15c., French word décision and from 14c Latin decisionem which means agreement -settlement. Decide comes from Latin’s decidere which means 'to decide, to determine'. It literally means 'to cut off', from de meaning 'off' + caederemeaning 'to cut'. So to decide, to make a decision is to make an agreement to literally cut yourself off from your past but so few people actually do this.

My way of thinking about decisions is that they are only ever made the instant you no longer fear the consequences of making that decision. If you fear the consequences, you'll keep procrastinating and no decision will be made. As a result, you'll remain glued to your past experiences and conditioning and this means that the results you’re experiencing now keep repeating themselves.

From the moment I truly made a decision to gain my financial independence, starting from dead flat broke, it only took me three years and eight months to achieve a lifestyle of personal and economic freedom. Just imagine where you could be in a few short years from now? There is no reason why you can’t achieve your financial independence except for the reason you keep repeating to yourself. Join me on my journey as I share my journey of decision making with you.

In 1994, I was an artist/potter living in the goldfields of Kalgoorlie, in Western Australia. I was 40 years old and I drove around in an old HK Kingswood station wagon which I bought in 1972, dressed in shorts and singlets, never seemed to have any spare time and was not enjoying myself in the ways I kept dreaming about. In short, I was dead flat broke and couldn’t see anything in front of me except more of the same. I finally got to a point where I just couldn’t stand it anymore. One day, I got so fed up with my situation that I made a life changing decision to do something about it.

In an instant of clarity and awareness, I decided to gain my financial independence and become wealthy. I had no idea how to achieve this position and didn’t even know what the next step was. All I knew was that after twenty three years of hard work, I was no closer to money mastery or financial freedom than when I left school. Things just weren’t working out the way I originally thought they would.

From the day I truly made a decision, I started making simple observations. If other people were living lives of economic and personal freedom, why couldn’t I? If other people were achieving money mastery, why couldn't I? What were they thinking that I wasn’t thinking? What were they doing that I wasn’t doing? What were their thoughts, their attitudes, their strategies, their value drivers, their beliefs, their habits and their behaviours?
Somewhere I read a concept attributed to Einstein, “The significant problems we face today cannot be solved from the same level of thinking that created them.” So I started to change my thinking.

Then I read something Alvin Toffler wrote in his book Future Shock, “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” This made a huge impact on me so I became a serious student of unlearning and relearning.

Finally I read what Eric Hoffer observed about changing times, “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to succeed in a world that no longer exists.” So I became a learner and actively sought knowledge and learning from any source I could.

After a few short years of application, I gained the financial independence I had always longed for. By following the combined wisdoms of Einstein, Toffler and Hoffer, three years and eight months later, I became a millionaire and a multimillionaire soon after. While not everybody who starts off on a similar journey gets similar results, nevertheless, this is a journey I’m inviting you to take.

Whatever your current situation is, it's important to understand that,
if you have a strong enough desire, if you truly make a decision, you can positively change your circumstances. While your circumstances may be different than mine were, the only thing that really matters is whether or not you're going to make a declaration to do something about your circumstances. It’s important to understand that it's not your present circumstances or your historical conditioning that shapes your future, it's the decisions you make today and tomorrow, or don't make today or tomorrow, that shape your future outcomes.

What Einstein, Toffler and Hoffer point out in their comments 
is that progression is not simply a matter of constantly rehashing the the old ways of your conditioning. Progression doesn't work like this. The world is rapidly changing and you must constantly be learning new skills in order to thrive in the coming years. Your potential is greater than you're currently allowing but to access this potential, you must relinquishment your old patterns of thought. Remember that decision literally means an agreement to cut off the old ways so that you can begin the development of new mind capacities.

Old thinking has most people living their lives on autopilot while simultaneously experiencing an unconscious, unacknowledged yearning for something else. It’s been likened to wandering the wastelands, a sleeping disease where people wander through life not being fully asleep but not fully awake either. It’s like living in a fog where you can’t see new ideas, new adventures and the expanded possibilities for money mastery you could be enjoying.

As T. S. Eliot tells us in The Waste Land, “Here one can neither stand or lie nor sit; there is not even silence in the mountains; but dry sterile thunder without rain. There is not even solitude in the mountains but red sullen faces that sneer and snarl from doors of mud cracked houses.”

There is an inevitable barreness that comes from wandering the ‘lands of empty’. Residing there simply means that you live your life over and over again as you experience the gradual realisation of a sameness of life which leads to sadness.

It’s strange when you think about it but over the years, I’ve sometimes wondered why we’re called homo sapiens: from Latin meaning ‘wise human’ or ‘knowing human’. If we are so wise, why do we have more information but less certainty, more people but less connectedness, more instant gratification but less happiness, more paid work but less freedom, more facts but less wisdom, more time saving devices but less spare time, more food but less nutrition, more arguments but less communication and more medicine but less wellness.

When solutions are so close, I wonder why we have more broken relationships, more loneliness, more confusion and more stress than at any other time in history. If we are so wise, why is it that we don’t have more joy, more love, more choice and more liberty?

When the freedom of dreams is so near and the pathway so clearly defined why do so many people choose the alternative path towards the age old problems of sacrifice, stress, anxiety, and sameness combined with a lack of certainty, choice and time freedom? With just one decision, you could be living an alternative lifestyle a few short years from now. The pathway to freedom is as clear as the pathway to sameness. If you take the freedom pathway, you could be experiencing the same economic and personal freedoms I now experience on a daily basis.

In the Hero’s Journey, as told by Joseph Campbell, ‘Refusal of the Call to Adventure’ is universally held by all cultural traditions as a refusal to give up what one takes to be in their own ego’s self interest of being ‘less than’. Unbeknown to us, the ego plays a clandestine game of contraction. It wants us to feel unacceptable, unworthy, not clever enough and not good enough and it conditions us to think those things of ourselves. As a result, these perceptions become our familiars which keep drawing us back. If you continue to support the power of your familiars, your conditioning becomes so strong that it always have you returning to what's familiar. It's where you'll feel safe. You're made to feel that unless you do what others want you to do; you’ll be shunned and labelled as being 'different', as being an 'outsider'.  

Ego requires that you measure your sense of worth by seeking approval from others. If you’re good at winning, you’ll be liked, if not, you’ll be rejected. When you learn to follow the demands of ego, you lose access to the freedoms that are your birthright.

Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung noted that, “Until you make your unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” Such is the power of the ego’s self interest and the conditioning we received during childhood.

How many times have you heard people say, that ‘it’s just fate’ or ‘you just have to accept things as they are', or this is ‘their lot in life’? It doesn’t have to be this way. nothing has to be as it is. Change is the very nature of nature itself.

The Money Mastery Process is the blueprint that I used to reclaim the potential to economic and personal freedom I was born with. You can use it to reclaim your potential and achieve similar results. it all starts with a desire that's powerful enough to overcome the gravitational pull back towards conformity.

Freedom and personal power come from clarity. The most critical understanding you can develop is to become aware of the inaccuracies of what you think you already know. This critical awareness didn’t escape the attention of Mark Twain when he said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Working from inaccuracies is part of the conditioning process that has people wandering the ‘wastelands’ without even realising a fraction of their true potential.

The biggest challenge you’ll face is becoming extremely clear about what you want. Most people can tell you what they don’t want. In fact they can provide you with a list of all the things they don’t want in life but they can’t give you an equivalent list of what they do want.

Sometimes I think that people are not unlike Wile E. Coyote in the Road Runner cartoon series when he runs off the edge of the cliff and keeps on running, treading air over the abyss before he discovers his predicament, “Ooopps!”  People have a habit of always leaving things until the last minute. But time is always running out and you simply can’t leave your desire for economic freedom to the last minute. The time to take action is now, not when you discover your ‘ooopps’ situation.

James Arthur Ray sees exactly what lies ahead. “Each of us, individually and collectively, stands on the precipice of great opportunity if we choose to seize it and take advantage of it. But to do that, we must learn from our past and think, feel and act differently as we move forward to create our future.”

This is exactly what the Money Mastery Process is designed to do. If you really want to go after your dreams, change the status quo and create an extraordinary life of freedom, then you must journey forward. You cannot attain your ideal lifestyle by remaining where you are. In the journey forward, you’ll find everything you need in order to get to the next stage and then the next stage and then the next stage and then eventually to where you want to be. All journeys and adventures happen in stages and the journey towards economic and personal freedom is no different.

Success must first be won in the recesses of your mind before you develop the capacity to manifest it in physical reality. All successful people have one thing in common and that’s the power to attract to themselves what they really want. While timeframes may vary, the process is exactly the same, first they think it and then they manifest it.

If you want to move beyond mediocrity, if you want to move beyond the master/servant relationships of time and money, if you want more meaning and purpose, if you want more connection to likeminded others and if you want to move beyond programmes that depend on motivating the masses, then I encourage you to work with a select group of real achievers and consider the Money Mastery Process because it’s a unique life changing programme that’s designed to help you get exactly what you want.

While other programmes may attempt to motivate you towards success, they offer little in terms of the content necessary to get you there. The reality is that no person can motivate you to do anything on a sustainable basis. Motivation is an inside job. You’re either committed to a process of change or you’re not. It’s really that simple.

Money Mastery is a journey for those who seriously want to remodel the way their lives are heading and change the outcomes they’re presently experiencing. It’s designed for those who are passionate about becoming high achievers and enjoying a lifestyle few can afford. You’ll learn to use a set of tools to help you live your life in flow whilst experiencing the results of your desires. The tools are more than useful but to really experience the benefits of freedom, it’s the toolkit where the most work needs to take place.

The toolkit is the mind which has been conditioned by lifelong processes and thinking systems which guarantee that most people arrive at the end of their working lives as financial underachievers. Unbeknown to them, their subconscious, psychological Money Blueprint has been conditioned for an incarcerated life of thousandaires, not the freedom experienced by millionaires.

The Money Mastery Process contains an element of Self Mastery; either you control money or money controls you. Money is what we all have in common and, in one way or another, we make decisions about it everyday. However, despite its importance, we get no formal training in how to use it positively. Instead we get years of training in how to use it negatively and we’re always left with feelings that there’s never enough. Because people are conditioned to focus on ‘not enough’, the attraction of more money remains an enigma, a riddle, and a mystery to most.

It’s important to understand that, in terms of money, there is never a lack of supply; there is only ever a lack of connections to the supply. If you want to be successful, you must focus your attention on how to connect to the unlimited resources that exist. You must re-draw your current Money Blueprints so that new subconscious programmes actively support the direction in which you wish to travel.

The Money Mastery Process is different from most other programmes in that you are exposed to concepts and information you may not be currently aware of. It’s about learning what you need to know rather than tying to fill your head with quick fix ‘how to’ stuff that just seems to get you further and further into debt.

The process is designed to help you achieve economic and personal freedom on a sustainable basis. The other unique aspect of the Money Mastery Process is unlimited one on one access to Paul Counsel so that you can strategise on an individual basis. (Read about the unique value others are receiving.

Today, more than at any other time in history, it’s possible for anyone to move from thousandaire, to millionaire, to multimillionaire. In fact, there has never been a better time to create an abundance of personal wealth than right now.

Becomming a Master of Money, requires an internal motivating force that drives you to create what you’re passionate about. Passion is the driver of dreams. Passion is the character trait separating outstanding achievers from those who simply dream of success. It’s an intense enthusiasm for the lifestyle that you want. Passion is an unstoppable force that wraps love, fulfilment, excitement, adventure, fun and enterprise into a potent energy that simply cannot be neutralised.

Passion is the fuel of manifestation. The word manifestation has a Latin route, manus, meaning hand and manifestation means ‘placed in your hand’. Passion is a deep source of persistent energy and when you’re fully connected to it, you have the motivation necessary to create the drive and traction that moves you towards your vision. “Passion is energy” says Oprah Winfrey, “Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

If you don’t have the necessary motivation, and if you’re looking for the external razzamatazz to wealth that’s applied to the masses, you will not find it here and this is definitely not the programme for you. People who elect to undertake the Money Mastery Process are a select group of like minded real achievers who are hungry for knowledge and passionate about achieving more time, more choice, more money and more freedom.

Over a decade ago, I made a decision that really changed my life. I decided that I wasn’t going to spend high quantity time with people who were not interested in travelling in the direction I was headed.

I looked around and discovered that I was mixing with people who weren’t interested in discussing things outside that of a mundane life. They weren’t doing what I wanted to do; they weren’t thinking the way I was thinking. I realised that I was allowing myself to be held back by scepticism, cynicism, fears, conditioning, uncertainties, illusions of security and neediness. I realised that I was mixing with people who were partially the cause of my penniless state.

So I made a decision to leave their negative energy orbit and reclaim the natural and uninhibited potential I was born with. I threw off the shackles to an incarcerated life and gained the personal and economic freedom I had dreamed of 3 years and eight months later…

“You cannot create a level of wealth above the level of your own personal development. It just doesn’t happen!”

Success involves getting access to more complex thinking and belief systems than you’re currently using. It’s not limiting beliefs that hold people back, its inaccurate perceptions that emanate from concrete and conservative codes of thinking.

To achieve your dreams at a faster rate than going it alone, for two extremely important reasons, it’s a good idea to get into the energy orbit of successful mentors. Firstly, by definition, a successful mentor is someone who can actually guide you to your desired outcomes. They do this by exchanging the information and knowledge they have gleaned from their own successful experiences.

Secondly, and more importantly, because true mentors have attained the economic and personal freedom you may desire, they can offer you the most accurate and invaluable feedback to make sure you’re not veering off track. Mentors can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars of costly mistakes. They can also shave years off the time needed to achieve economic and personal freedom. Without a mentor, the feedback that most people get is from experiments that didn’t seem to work. The sad thing is that like Wile E. Coyote, most people run out of time before they realise the inadequacies of their ‘experiments’.

I’ve been mentoring people for over ten years now and those who have taken up the opportunity before you, are now ecstatically happy they did so, especially during these times of economic crisis. They’re now living stress free lives of fulfilment because their dream lifestyles have come true. Their relationships with families, partners and friends are richer and more rewarding than they’ve ever been. They’re carefree, positive and fun loving people who have heaps of time to spare. While others are at work, they’re at play. They made a decision then followed it with commitment. They are now economically and personally free.

Those who didn’t take up the opportunity, now regret not having done so. When they look back and see the people they could have travelled with now enjoying themselves, they realise that one decision held them back. The result of that decision now sees them with more stress, more worry, more uncertainty, more financial hardships and more concerns about falling values.

A few short years from now, you can be living like the first group or the second group. Which will it be? Will you be living a life of economic and personal freedom or, sadly, will you regret not having made the choice that could change your life forever? All it takes is a decision and a commitment to follow through on that decision.

Money Mastery Process


Andrew Smith:  Corporate Executive

I’m now in my early 40’s, and have spent the better part of my working life engaged in the corporate sector, earning a top salary, travelling extensively, whilst experiencing the trappings that come with corporate life. But throughout this time I knew there just had to be more, there had to be a way for me to revolutionize my financial direction.  I began searching for the answer to that question.

About 2 years ago I attended an event at which Paul Counsel was the guest speaker…I was impressed!  Here was a great success story, he walked the talk…he had what I was chasing in my life. So when I heard about the Money Mastery Process, I was in…no ifs, buts or maybe’s…I knew it was for me.

Within the 12 months, I’ve already achieved an enormous return on my investment in the program both financially and personally.  To say it’s been the best decision I’ve made in my financial journey would be a gross under-statement…it’s been brilliant!

Damian Farnell:  Project Manager/Property Developer

Being based in Bunbury meant that the decision to participate in the Money Mastery Process with Paul Counsel, came with some extra challenges, particularly as it required me to commute to Perth twice per month.

Having now experienced 8 months of the program, the 2 hour commute pales into insignificance compared to the value I have received by being on the course. Being someone in my late 20’s, the learning opportunities I’ve had this year have assisted me greatly in setting up a solid Wealth Path. This program is awesome!

Fiona Dawson:   Naturopath/Business Owner

Deciding to take on the 12 month Money Mastery Process with Paul Counsel wasn’t all that easy. Living in rural Wagin with 3 kids under 6 years was the first obstacle we had to overcome, arranging babysitters for a whole weekend, twelve times in the year….   what an experience!

Despite all this, it has been the best decision we’ve ever made. After hearing Paul speak at a function, I just knew that this was someone we needed to be able to spend more time with. My husband Shane had the opportunity to hear Paul at a later date and felt the same. When we were offered a place in the Money Mastery Process, we realised that this wasn’t something that we could put off.

There were some slight reservations on my behalf, at the beginning of the course, it was a logistical nightmare organising the family… but am I ever so grateful that we did choose to attend! The impact to date has been enormous, and has exceeded all our expectations!

More money is flowing to us, our personal relationship has grown, and perhaps for the first time in our lives, we believe that we can achieve anything that we set our sights on. Wealth in all its dimensions is assured for our family, and so I would strongly recommend to anyone evaluating this process, don’t hesitate, step over the line…this program will change things for you.

Kerry Paul:  Personal Assistant/Retail Manager

My husband Justin went along to a seminar presented by Paul Counsel. He didn’t say much upon his return, although he did announce that there was a preview night for a course Paul was conducting in a few weeks, and that he’d like me to attend to just check it out.

So we did, and within the first hour I connected with Paul Counsel, and his message. Without even a second thought I was committed, and my husband agreed it would be a good way for us to learn how to get ahead, within the 12 month Money Mastery Process.

Being in our early 30’s, having a big mortgage, two okay jobs, and no kids; I just knew that this was an environment in which we could design our ‘life’ story, a place in which we could create our future. The experience to date has been life-changing, both personally and for our relationship! We are now embarking on new adventures we would not have thought possible before. A 12 month experience I truly recommend to others that want to achieve a more fulfilling life!

Paul Porter:  Project Manager/ Builder

Over the past 4 years I’ve been on a journey, searching for ways to accelerate the development of my wealth portfolio. My wife and I are in our early 30’s, we have 2 kids under 5, and two years ago we moved from Carnarvon to Perth, to expand on our financial possibilities.

In the time we’ve been in Perth, I’ve attended numerous courses, some one-dayers, some weekenders, and others that have run for twelve months. Through the acquisition of knowledge at each of these programs, I’ve been able to build a solid real estate portfolio, and truly believed that I didn’t need to attend any more courses. That was until I heard about the Money Mastery Process, a program to be run by leading wealth mentor, Paul Counsel.

I had first met Paul Counsel at an evening seminar that I attended, and he was good… challenging though! So when I heard that he was conducting a preview night for the Money Mastery Process, I made sure I was there.

I’m now eight months into Paul’s Money Mastery Process, and I can say without a doubt it has been the toughest, most challenging, but certainly the most rewarding program I have ever been involved with. If I knew at the start of this course what I know now, I would gladly pay double!!

Paul is an Awesome Educator and Wealth Coach.




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