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“Prosperity Mentoring For Individuals And Business Entrepreneurs.”

Welcome to Australia's premier, personalised mentoring program. It’s right here in Perth and it’s specifically designed for you if you haven't got much time, need a rocket boost to your cash flow, want to secure more lifestyle income but are starved of time in a world that constantly competes for every spare moment of your attention.

Hi, I’m Paul Counsel and I’m increasingly recognised as one of Australia’s most authentic, knowledgeable and highly respected business and personal mentors. In fact, according to "LinkedIn", I'm in the top 1% most endorsed in Australia for Business Strategy in 2013.

My vision is simple. “It’s helping you create a leveraged and lucrative enterprise so you can help more people with more value.”

Personalised one on one mentorship designed specifically for you...

I am the only provider of unlimited, one on one, personalised business and personal mentoring targeted directly at changing your profit results so that you can experience the essence of "true freedom".

It's personalised mentoring in a way that allows you to access more of your unmet potential... the type of income potential you can't reach by yourself.

Imagine having access to a unique combination of cutting edge information, twelve months of unlimited personalised mentoring, a step by step, strategic and dynamic system that's personally designed to help you experience important measurable outcomes.

Imagine putting a stop to financial stress and finally being able to sleep again at night. Imagine having the free time and choice freedom that comes with economic and personal freedom.

Three actions for turning desire into reality...

Mentoring allows you to exercise real influence over practical change. It allows you to excel in every aspect of financial enterprise and business building... through to increased sales and opportunities ... to increased cash flow.

It allows you to achieve the accelerated business profitability you get by learning to use the powerful strategies of achievement.

Moving from the results you're getting now to the results you want in the future... require three things.

1: An "Organising Principle" in terms of absolute clarity of the outcome you seek.

2: An executable body of knowledge that you can apply to that outcome.

3: A mindset that can execute the knowledge once you've learned it, so that it leads directly to the outcome you want.

You cannot have one without the others and be successful... You cannot have all three and be unsuccessful.

I'll save you time, money, energy and costly mistakes by making years of research, testing and strategic development available to you in easy to learn stages that help you expand and evolve highly profitable results.

Everything you need is in one program with one mentor.

The value to you is a priceless future.

The liberating power of knowledge...

Alfred the Great, King of Wessex is known for saying, "Knowledge liberates - knowledge is power. The saddest thing about any man is that he is ignorant. The most exciting thing is that he knows."

A trait shared by many successful and prosperous people is their wisdom to engage mentors, accurately identify the goals they want and then attend to the tasks necessary to achieve them. In other words, it’s their capacity to give their undivided attention to the realisation of important outcomes which ensure prosperity and success.

It’s my experience that, if you’re not getting the results you want... you’ll know that there’s something you should be doing but you’re not doing it.

So the idea is to work out which aspect of success is currently missing for you.

1: An Organising Principle

2: An executable body of knowledge.

3: A mindset that can execute that knowledge.

Once you identify which aspect is missing for you, the next step is to reach out and get the support you need.

From a big picture perspective, extraordinary success is not something that requires super human qualities, nor is it something that is beyond the reach of anyone who wants to tap into their true, but yet unmet, potential.

Simply stated, extraordinary success is achieved through a process of turning important ideas into sustained behaviours.

Something’s missing...

If you’re like most people, you’ll be generating lots ideas and dreams but you won’t be getting any traction on them. What’s often missing is a determination and an ability to remain focused on attending to the behaviours and actions necessary for the realisation of those dreams.

Remember that moving from the results you're getting now to the results you want at some future point... require an "organising principle", an executable body of knowledge and a mindset that can execute that knowledge.

In essence, extraordinary success comes as a result of remaining focused on your intended outcomes and supporting that focus with authentic action.

It goes without saying that you may be finding positive change difficult to achieve by yourself. Not only is this observable from a practical point of view, it’s a fact supported by recent studies in neuroscience, psychology, sociology, management and leadership.

One of the central processes underpinning the obstacle of change is the human tendency to continually revert back to the familiars of their 'comfort zones'. You do this by balancing movement in one direction with habits that pull you back in an opposite direction.

Unfortunately, when you engage in opposing behaviours that slowly develop into habits, few positive changes can result from this constant access, regress momentum.

The secret to success is changing to the habits of success...

Unwittingly, if you experience stuckness in your current lifestyle, you’ll tend to have a internal dialogue about this area that helps you beat up on yourself. Unfortunately, this only serves to drive the stuckness further into the depths of your psyche.

From here, most of what you’ll do is driven by habits deeply ingrained within your subconscious programs.

The trait that really sets extraordinary achievers apart from those who fail to realise even a fraction of their true potential, is their ability to change their old habits of mind.

Conventional wisdom always leaves you unfilled...

Society’s mass conditioning is designed to direct your attention towards immediate gratification and away from long-term experiences of freedom and security.

In terms of long-term lifestyle costs, the consequences are incredibly high. They amount to a form of lifestyle incarceration in which you have neither financial security nor freedom.

When you become conditioned to immediate gratification, every dollar you earn over your lifetime is spent on things that give you pleasure in the now, but the ultimate price you pay is an incarcerated long-term future.

It’s a model that serves the system well, but it does not serve you. It will always leave you just that little bit more unfulfilled each year. So year after year, you’ll continue to seek fulfilment with things that cannot and will not fill the void. Unless you liberate your future potential, the endless cycles will continue. 

If you’re willing to break this cycle, I’ll support you by investing enough attention into positive change so that positive change becomes a reality for you. You’ll experience a liberating change in financial and life results.

All you have to do is be willing to reach out and grab the opportunity when it comes along.

Resistance to change is a lingering consequence of conventional wisdom...

It’s important to realise that internal doubts, reactions and resistance to change are quite normal processes; in fact, I encourage you to have these feelings for the following reason.

If the energy you have available for doubt, reaction and resistance can be redirected so that it reduces resistance and fear, that energy now becomes available for use towards the positive outcomes that are important for you.

Ultimately, the stronger the feelings you have; the more potential energy you have that can be directed towards “sustainable liberating change”.
And this is where my role as a mentor becomes incredibly valuable. By strategising, teaching, sharing and listening to and with you, I act as agent of change who supports, encourages and directs your creative focus.

This allows you to more fully tap into your unmet potential and the extraordinary success that’s available to you.

Another secret of success is found in your ability to unlearn and relearn...

In Future Shock (1970), Alvin Toffler wrote, “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write. They will be those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Undoubtedly, you have the capacity to learn and relearn. However, you might be a little stuck when it comes to unlearning ineffective habits and old ways of doing things. This is where my value to you accelerates your potential.

In Order Out of Chaos, Man’s New Dialogue with Nature (1984), Toffler advanced an observation with regards to people making significant shifts. He said they occur for people when one or more of the basic elements of their internal makeup are significantly altered.

And this is where my real value to you is to be found. It's my ability to help create perceptual shifts within your mind so that the greatest amount of unlearning and relearning can take place.

As a mentor, I’m a change agent for your unmet potential...

As an individual, business or organisation, I’ll help change the way you think, perceive, feel and act. These are the very bedrock of change itself. If perception and understanding does not change, you’ll only ever observe the same reality over and over again.

I support a change process that turns away from negative resistance and moves towards positive competencies. Ultimately, these competencies bring extraordinary improvements to your security of lifestyle income. They bring increased cash flow, increased sales, increased profits and increased experiences of true freedom.

Perhaps the most important aspect my guidance gives you the ability to make up for lost time. It also saves you time by making your new learning happen at a faster rate. You’ll never experience personal frustration or confusion again.

Ultimately this saves you money, time and further stress through costly ongoing mistakes.

As a mentor I create a fertile and trusting environment of confidentiality and personalised accountability so that more of your innate potential can be achieved in an environment that is safe for you to do so.

It’s about engaging in an ongoing process that nurtures your unmet potential. No matter how successful you already are, you will arrive at your individual limits.

If you want to achieve experiences beyond those limits, the supportive environment of mentorship helps you take the necessary steps towards the levels of success you want but cannot achieve by working in isolation.

In Tao: Daily Meditations (1992), Deng Ming-Dao describes the value of mentor relationships noting, “That is why we need a parent for a parent, a master for a master, and leaders for leaders. This prevents errors of power. In the past, even kings had wise advisers. Every person who would be a leader should have such assistance.”

As a mentor, I help you move beyond the void of sameness...

Unless attention is brought to focus on negative and habitual patterns of thought and behaviour, they’ll keep returning you to the tired voids of sameness and old familiars.

As a mentor, I open your skills to a whole new world of possibilities so that extraordinary outcomes are achieved... if you’re determined enough to achieve them.

Helen Keller said that security is mostly a superstition. “It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing.”

The ultimate purpose of mentorship is to develop your unrealized potential so that you experience life as a daring adventure of expansion and sustainable achievement.

I help you become a map maker instead of a map reader so that you can achieve the extraordinary success that’s your birthright...

Over the years, I’ve studied both what prevents change and what accelerates change. While understanding both aspects is necessary for effective change, what really excites me is being able to create the space where you as an individual, business or organisation become an initiator of results, instead of a recipient of conditioning.

It's about becoming a map maker instead of a map reader.

Your future outcomes, and the results you’ll keep achieving, are literally determined by whether or not you have the desire to answer a call for change. My invitation to you is to believe in yourself enough to invest in a journey of expansion, and to trust in yourself enough to realise more of your unmet potential.

So that I can offer you my fullest personalised attention, I take on a limited number of individuals and organisations per year.

If you’re a busy individual and you’d like to access unlimited, one on one, personalised mentoring here in Perth, Western Australia, but do not wish to sit in on monthly mastermind classes with other people...

Or if you’d like to access unlimited, one on one, personalised mentoring but you physically can’t make these classes because you live interstate or overseas, then contact me through or by phoning me on +61 402 834 589 

If, however, you live in Perth, AND you have a preference for group mastermind and educational sessions for Prosperity Mentoring, then join me on my signature Money Mastery Program.

Unlimited, one on one, personalised business and personal mentoring, is included in the Money Mastery Program along with classroom content on a monthly basis.

You can engage these educational sessions personally, or you can engage them remotely through online technology.

All group sessions are recorded in mp3, text notes and video so that you can access them again and again for further study.

If you wish to join me for the next session, if you’re ready to begin experiencing more of the potential that awaits you, if you’re ready to live more fully, if you’re excited about possibilities of sustainable improvement and extraordinary results, and if you’re encouraged by thoughts that when you improve your own world, you automatically improve the world for others, then I encourage you to begin an initial discussion by making contact through the details below.

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