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So what will your future be...

Are you better off now than you were three years ago?

Are you living in a straightjacket of not enough time, not enough money and not enough freedom?

3 years from now, you’re going to be in exactly the same place if you don’t follow a systematic approach for developing more time, more money and more freedom.

Alternatively, 3 years from now, you can be exactly where you want to be because you followed a systematic approach for developing more time, more money and more freedom.

Ultimately if nothing changes… nothing changes! Basically, it comes down to the decisions you make or the excuses you keep hanging onto. If you want to start thriving again, this is exactly the type of support you'll get from me.

In order to thrive, you must value your future more than you value excuses. You must believe in your potential more than you believe in your conditioning. And you must want to change more than you want to stay the same.

I'll provide you with unlimited business and personal mentoring that's targeted directly at changing your results so that you can experience More Time... More Money... More Freedom.

I'll save you time, money, energy and costly mistakes by making years of research, testing and strategic development available in easy to learn stages that help you expand and evolve highly profitable results.

Its personalised mentoring that allows you to access more of your unmet potential... the potential you can't reach by yourself.

The value to you is a priceless future.

If you don’t have value, belief and want firmly in place, your only pathway forward is the one you’re already on… the one that’s most familiar.

From your position at the crossroads, you might have an unwritten list of all the things you want to experience such as…

A greater sense of moving forward quicker and easier
A greater sense of authenticity… living your own life by your own design
A greater sense of tangible financial results you can build on
A greater sense of independence in terms of time, money and freedom
A greater sense of joy, happiness and fulfilment in your life
A greater sense of mastery, autonomy and purpose now and in the future
A greater sense of achievement, reward, growth and accomplishment
A greater sense of success, energy, vitality and aliveness
A greater sense of belonging and deep connection to things that truly matter
A greater sense of feeling special, that you count and that you’re appreciated
A greater sense of moving forward and making up for lost time
A greater sense of being able to rectify past mistakes
A greater sense of feeling understood, validated and listened to
A greater sense of future based on skills development and passive income
A greater sense of engagement in expansive and stimulating conversations
A greater sense of recognition for being good at what you do
A greater sense of travel, adventure, chance meetings and shared experiences

And while you may not know exactly how you’re going to achieve all these things, you do have another list of things you don’t want to experience any more.

You don’t want to be stuck in traffic jams or always running late
You don’t want to hassle for parking spots or keep paying huge fees
You don’t want to feel as though you’re just marking time
You don’t want to miss out on time with your family
You don’t want to feel as though frustration is your life’s sentence
You don’t want to feel disappointed in yourself or those around you
You don’t want to keep turning up to a job you don’t like
You don’t want to work with toxic people or toxic bosses
You don’t want any more sleepless nights
You don’t want to feel stuck or stagnant in what you’re doing
You don’t want more debts or financial stress
You don’t want to feel chronically tired and lacking in vitality
You don’t want the stressors of uncertainty and lack of security
You don’t want to keep feeling numb just so you can survive another day
You don’t want to keep mixing with the same negative people over and over
You don’t want to be dependent on others
You don’t want to live with anger, shame and hidden guilt
You don’t want to die wondering what might have been
You don’t want to run out of time and never experience your true heart
You don’t want to fall for another scam, make another mistake or lose
You don’t want to feel as though your brain is on ‘hold’
You don’t want to feel as though your ‘life’ is on a treadmill
You don’t want to feel invalidated, misunderstood or not heard ever again

We could go on and on couldn’t we?

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If you’re at a crossroad… “It’s Time”… “It’s Your Time”…

If you don’t give this time to yourself, please understand that there’s not another person on planet earth that can give it to you.

If you’re experiencing fear, concern, worry, stress, doubt or uncertainty at the moment, that’s understandable; unfortunately, much of modern life’s culture is designed to create fear and uncertainty.

Fear sells and fear keeps you paralysed, which is why the media keeps dishing up its daily appetite. But you know you deserve much more than what modern culture keeps dishing up.

The problem with setting out to become financially independent so you can enjoy the luxury of more time, more money and more freedom is that for most of the time, you don’t really know what you’re doing or whether you’re going to succeed.

And because of this, it’s difficult for you to do anything else other than what you’re doing now. At least that’s the way it worked for me.

When you keep doing the same things over and over again, the thinking patterns you fall into are what I term “Signature Thinking Loops” where everything just happens as though you’re on automatic pilot.

Well, if you truly do want more fulfilment… It’s Time!

It’s Time to intervene in these thinking loops. It’s Time to evolve them into a way of thinking that helps you explore all your unrealised potential. It’s Time to become more of who you know you’re capable of becoming. It’s Time to increase the pace of moving forward.

When you’re at the crossroads, one way always looks easier than the other. That’s because being who you’ve always been is more familiar to you. Becoming who you’re capable of becoming is always less familiar.

The unfamiliar path always creates an internal sense of fear because it’s part of your hardwired survival mechanism. Within this mechanism, the unknown always represents danger and danger creates feelings that it’s better to step back into safety than it is to step forward into growth.

So just understand that feelings of uncertainty, concern, fear, doubt and apprehensiveness are just normal feelings of the intersection between the predictable old you and the potential new you.

As you stand at the crossroads, just understand that growth can never take place if you continue travelling the road of familiar because along this pathway, you’ll only ever be working off what you’re already familiar with.

It’s what’s often referred to as your ‘comfort zone’ although that zone may not be all that “comfortable”.

Growth, expansion, newness, and freedom are only available along the “path less travelled”.

When you have freedom, all these “don’t wants” disappear and you never have to sell your time again. You never have to put up with things you don’t want. You never have to accept less than you know you’re worth. And you never have to compromise on things that are important to you.

Moving forward to important outcomes requires that you move away from what is already familiar so that you can move towards new insights that lead to transformations.

When there’s no moving forward, the first list above which begins with “A greater sense of…” remains out of reach. Unfortunately, without new insights that lead to transformations, the second list, which begins with “You don’t want to…” remains your current experiences.

If you’re ready to begin your transformative journey from all the things you don’t want so you can experience all the things you do want, here’s what you can expect from me.

You'll get a systemized, step by step process targeted directly at changing your results so that you can easily put an end to "not enough time", "not enough money" and "not enough freedom".

To get these results, you need to change the emotional, behaviour and thought foundations that are responsible for them.

You cannot get more time… more money… and more freedom by attempting to build your future old foundations… foundations that won’t support them.

You wouldn’t build a new house on foundations that wouldn’t support it, so don’t attempt to build a new life on old foundations. It’s not a good idea, and it never works. So save yourself a lot of time, money, heartache and disappointment.

New knowledge on old foundations is just like putting a new coat of paint on timber that that is rotten. You cannot build a new empire on foundations that won’t support it. To change your results, you must change the driving forces creating those outcomes.

Everything begins and ends in mind.

Enculturation sets your mind along a pathway of obedience, predictability and servitude.

Enterprise is the opposite of that mindset. Enterprise quickly adapts to changing conditions and circumstances. It automatically places you along a pathway of fertile productiveness.

Without new knowledge foundations in place, you’ll just be investing in someone else’s promise for you but it won’t work and it’ll just be another mistake.

When you invest in building new foundations of thought, feeling and behaviour, you’ll experience savings in time, money, energy and costly mistakes.

You’ll also make up for lost time because I’ll make years of research, testing and strategic development available to you in easy to learn stages that expand and evolve to highly desirable results.

Read about how the Money Mastery program can help you move forward and achieve important outcomes with more confidence and certainty. Click this link...

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Here's a little background to the decisions Paul made a few years ago...

Paul is a bush kid at heart who grew up witnessing the struggles of profoundly Deaf, working class parents locked away in the isolation of the Tasmanian bush.

When he began his schooling, his teachers had no idea that his parents were Deaf and they expected him to behave like all the other kids. But this made no sense to Paul because his language was sign language and he was used to the freedom of the bush. So his early schooling was more about survival than true learning.

He was continually challenged by the ill-treatment of early teachers and religious orders.

This pattern continued through his early teenage years. it was the triger which made him left school to seek his own way forward. And this is where his story becomes like so many other stories - get a job, work hard, behave yourself and society promises that everything will be alright.

So for 25 years, he followed this pattern only to end up feeling unrewarded and dead flat broke.

At age 40, Paul's debts were greater than his ability to generate income. Not only this, he didn't have a clue as how to reverse this situation. Then one day, it suddenly dawned on him that if he kept doing the same things over and over again, dwindling finances and increasing costs where goin gto be his "norm" for the rest of his life.

He couldn't see his way clear of preventing the continuation of this pattern if something didn't change . So he made a life changing decision. He decided that he no longer wanted to be imprisoned by the lack of money, the lack of time and the lack of freedom. So he began his quest for both economic and personal freedom so that he could have time freedom.

Like others before him, Paul made a crucial decision. "Never again was I going to be in a position where I felt that I had to beg for a living. I determined that I was going to become wealthy – financially free – and never be dependent on jobs, wages, commissions or economic ups and downs ever again."

Approximately 3.8 years later he achieved his dream. Starting from dead flat broke, in just under four years Paul achieved his dream of economic and personal freedom.

Paul began by reading books. He started out with a logic suggesting that if others could become rich, why not him. Until this time, Paul had definitely not been a big reader. In fact, he could count the number of books he'd read on one hand. His early attempts at creating wealth were not all that successful, and he failed many times at share trading.

However, Paul has a couple of qualities which make him a bit endearing and a bit of a hand full at the same time. He has a belief in himself that no set of circumstances, challenging times or painful lessons have ever managed to shake. Once he sets his mind on something, he targets it with a laser beam focus.

He reasoned away his early failures as just the price of learning, the price of entry to a much bigger prize. 

Something then fell into place and he started to see patterns in his own behaviour and the behaviour of others and it's the discovery of these money code patterns that made all the difference.

The first (and shortest) part of Paul's story ends with him achieving his first million dollars within three years and eight months of his decision to escape the "work/stress, not enough time, not enough money treadmill" that others were so glued to

He was now a millionaire but this result was not as important to him as the peace of mind and freedom that came with it.

(If you're after a quick start to financial freedom, Paul has prepared a weekly series titled "Ten Steps to Wealth".

You can start immediately by clicking on this link  SUBSCRIBE HERE.)


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The people around Paul form part two of his story. As is so common in our communities, when someone declares an intention to become financially free, the community looks on with mild interest and an unspoken, "He's gone mad but he'll be back to normal soon".

This was exactly the case for Paul however their scepticism quickly transformed into, "How did you do that?"

Paul decided that if he could achieve economic and personal freedom, anyone could!  

All they needed to learn was the money code patterns Paul had discovered.

To this end, Paul invited his friends and their families around on Saturday mornings to teach them what he had learned along the way.

This was way back in 1998 and he's been doing it ever since. Paul's mentoring has allowed more and more people to escape the clutches of not enough time, not enough money and not enough freedom. It's allowed thousands to excape isolation and finally put an end the stressors of increasing debt and dwindling finances..

Part two of Paul's story ends with a hugely successful seminar company, thousands of graduates of his courses, multiple new millionaires, a buzzing membership organization and countless people now experiencing the freedom they had always dreamed of.

However, on Paul's part, there was a growing dissatisfaction, unease, anxiety and unanswered questions.

Although there were thousands of graduates, in Paul's view, there were some who had not yet become financially free. He remembered a question from his childhood, a question that Professor Julius Sumner Miller posed, "Why is it so?"

Paul made a decision to go after the answer.

Paul observed that while it was easy for graduates to pick up the tools and how to's of wealth creation, there was something powerful stopping some people from using them effectively.

Paul observed that as soon as people stepped out of the learning environment, the 'future pull' of their busy, demanding and often competing lives took over.

Much as a stone disappears when dropped into a pond, the ripples remain for a short while then all too quickly the pond settles as if there never any movement. The intention and opportunity of some graduates was swallowed by powerful distractors. 

So Paul set out on another quest to learn from the most powerful and productive teachers around the world. He travelled the world for years singularly focused on learning more about the latest thinking, strategies and trends, so that he could share his learning with others.

This brings us to the exciting third part of Paul’s story. Based on his close personal interaction with thousands of people, his constant research into the leading edge of the science of personal change and the fact that he has actually done what he assists others in achieving, Paul has created a unique program of support.

It's is highly personalised, breathtakingly empowering and literally is ...."an apprenticeship with a mentor who eats, sleeps and breathes your personal and economic freedom".

Paul CounselA word from Paul...

"A life of peace, choice, financial abundance and time freedom is the desire for many yet most never set out on the quest to achieve such as state. Why is this so?

"When current research suggests that the majority of people have barely a month's savings on which to support themselves if things go wrong, you've got to start thinking that there's a whole bunch of people who deserve much better than that.

"It's reported that a third of adult Australians use alcohol to relieve the stress of jobs, commuting, relationships and financial struggles, if this is even remotely true, you've got to start observing that something is not right.

"In fact, the current experience for most people is a sad comment on the way their lives have been conditioned.Our fathers fought for political freedom, in fact, many gave thier lives for it.

"Now they've taken this freedom and turned it into financial incarceration. In terms of economic and personal freedom the ways of conventional wisdom simply do not work."

My definition of wealth is the amount of time you can afford to live a lifestyle of choice, satisfaction and peace of mind without ever having to work again.

Economic freedom begins as soon as you start to think differently. It begins as soon as you acquire a body of knowledge and put that knowledge to work for you instead of you selling your time and working for wages that never build to freedom.

The knowledge you need already exists in the minds and experiences of wealthy people. It exists in the minds and experience of those who achieved their freedom and independence.

Your greatest asset is your ability to learn and to do that learning quickly. If you're not learning new knowledge you're allowing yourself to be left behind.

When so much more is available, why would you set yourself up to be left behind.

3 years from now, you’re going to be in exactly the same place if you don’t follow a systematic approach for developing more time, more money and more freedom.

Alternatively, 3 years from now, you can be exactly where you want to be because you followed a systematic approach for developing more time, more money and more freedom.

Ultimately if nothing changes… nothing changes!

Basically, it comes down to the decisions you make or the excuses you keep hanging onto. If you want to start thriving again, this is exactly the type of support you'll get from me.

"In life, you're either the map maker or the map reader, the code follower or the code breaker. So who are you? Are you mapping your own territory to freedom, choice and prosperity or are you unconsciously following enculturation's map of life on the "work/stress, not enough time, not enough money treadmill?"

Sadly, most people read the map enculturation has set before them and no matter how hard you work at following this map, when you're the reader of some one else's map, the results are always less than you're capable of achieving, less than your true potential."


Paul Counsel

"Knowledge liberates - knowledge is power. The saddest thing about any man is that he is ignorant. The most exciting thing is that he knows."

Alfred the Great, King of Wessex

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