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“Get A 500% to 800% Return On The Value Of Your Mentoring”

Mentoring is proven to accelerate your profits and prevent you from making expensive mistakes.

Research indicates that the power of personalised mentoring returns between 500% and 800% returns on the costs of the mentoring. (Source: David Rock. Results Coaching Systems)

The power of mentoring is unrivaled. Now you can receive unlimited one on one personalised mentoring from someone who went from dead flat broke to multimillionaire in a few short years.

It’s mentoring that allows you to access more of your unrealised potential... it’s the type of potential you can't reach by yourself.

You’ll have access to a unique combination of cutting edge information, a step by step, strategic and dynamic system that's personally designed to help you experience important measurable outcomes such as those mentioned above.

It's a dynamic system that works, it's a process that gets you results and it's been proven by the successes of others for over 15 years now. 

Why Money Mastery is so unique.

Here’s a brief description of how I help you achieve unrivalled success and outcomes uniquely important to you.

One on one personalised mentoring is described as perhaps the most unique part of the Money Mastery Process. It’s where your transformative results accelerate beyond your present subconscious limits. It’s where your learning process is specifically tailored to meet your personal and professional outcomes.

As everyone has different outcomes to achieve, the one on one support you receive is where the information tweaking process takes place so that it meets your important outcomes.

Money mastery gives you unlimited content, unlimited access and unlimited one on one mentoring by the person who has actually achieved the results of more time… more money… more freedom… more connection... and more happiness that so many dream about but cannot achieve by themselves.

No other program in Australia offers you such unique support.

Another exclusive part of the program is your “Free Plus $1 Goal”. To undertake your year of transformative change, you have to invest time, money and effort in your learning and development.

The real test of your learning is whether or not you get a return on your investment (an ROI).

This is why your “Free Plus $1 Goal” is so important.

What this means is that over the space of twelve months, I help you get a ROI on your investment of time, money and effort so that by the end of the year, you have made more than it costs you to engage in the program.

While I can’t guarantee the outcome, I can guarantee the support you’ll get towards this outcome.

Your “Free Plus $1 Goal” is designed to help you generate your tuition fee, plus at least one dollar... you now have an ROI.

There is no limit to your ROI but I insist that it’s at least one dollar more than it costs for your learning. When you achieve this outcome, your learning becomes sustainable and you get a return on it.

The specific details of how we go about this are developed with you during our one on one mentoring sessions.

Here’s a brief description of each of topic you’ll engage over the 12 months. Some topics meld with each other but most are stand alone.

It’s the melding of each topic, the personalised tweaking, the “Free Plus $1 Goal” and the one on one mentoring that really gives you the complete enterprise blueprint on which to build your important outcomes.

Subject: Discovering the productive power of your natural genius.

In this lesson... I teach you about the power of your natural genius and how you can learn to be twice as productive while only taking half the time.

You may not realise it but you were born with a particular form of genius, we all were. It’s a fact the great psychologist Carl Jung discovered many decades ago.

The problem is that society seldom encourages the enterprise development of your innate genius. Mass education compresses you into a “sameness mould” and you’re never encouraged to think that you have a natural genius.

Under the guise of making a living, it develops your capacity to sell your time and labour for wages. To develop this capacity further, enculturation ensures your conditioning is based on obedience, predictability and servitude.

It then locks you into three money mindsets of earn, spend and borrow.

This results in your true genius being buried beneath sedimentary layers of societal conditioning, peer influences, social stereotypes and cultural imperatives.

Unearthing your natural genius is where we need to start.

Jung discovered many different types of genius… there’s 16 known types and one of these is uniquely yours.

Uncovering your natural genius is simply a matter of beginning with an online assessment, which takes around 40 minutes. From your answers, a 15 page assessment is produced and sent to you.

From here I consult with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your particular genius type. When it comes to business, money, freedom, income generation and wealth building strategies, not all forms, or all strategies, will be suitable for your particular genius.

Most of them will be a mismatch and if you undertake wealth building mediums that do not match your form of genius, by and large, your results will not be positive. In fact, you’ll self-sabotage.

Subject: Matching your productive genius with the most effective wealth medium.

In this lesson... I teach you about the suitability of different wealth mediums for your particular genius type.

Because some genius types are more reflective in nature, they look towards the past for verifiable and real data.

However, some genius types are more speculative in nature so they look towards the future rather than the past.

They push boundaries, they operate by trial and error, they don’t mind making mistakes and they take risks.

So the first step in moving forward towards important outcomes is matching your particular genius type with the most appropriate wealth strategy for you and your level of experience.

Most people fail to make money, or they fail in business, because they don’t match their particular form of innate genius with the right mediums/strategies for them.

The mismatching of mediums and genius styles is one of the most unrecognised and fundamental mistakes that coaches, teachers and students make. It’s a recipe for failure every time it happens.

So it’s critically important to match the mechanics of different wealth mediums, to the economic cycle we’re in, and then match both of these to your particular form of innate genius.

That’s why it’s important to begin with an analysis of the various genius styles and the most suitable medium for those styles.

You then need to support your understanding with skill development in the most appropriate vehicle for you.

Over the 12 months, I’ll make it safe for you to explore new ideas and concepts in the most appropriate medium so that you’re not leaving yourself exposed to mistakes and adverse risk.

It’s why the unlimited one on one mentoring is critical to your success.

Subject: Understanding your secret money codes and what you need to do in order to achieve important outcomes

In this lesson... I teach you about the power of different money codes and how they’ve been shaped and conditioned by the needs of society and culture.

If you’re not experiencing the important outcomes you want for yourself, chances are it’s because of the subconscious money code you’re following.

At this point, a description of the various codes is not important. What’s more important is the knowledge that you can change the money codes you’ve been conditioned with so that you experience more time... more money... and more freedom...

When you change your money codes, you gain more financial security, independence and freedom. You gain more free time, more choice, more adventure, more joy, more good health, more happiness and more peace of mind.  

This powerful Money Mastery weekend is full of cutting edge ideas that set out to answer the conundrum of why so many people never get more of what they want. It also shows you how to almost guarantee that you get what you want.

The weekend concentrates on brilliant discoveries, incredible self-improvement phenomenon and the core of becoming successful. Knowing this, “… can mean the difference between success and failure, love and hate, bitterness and happiness… between freedom and the compulsions of conformity.” Maxwell Maltz

This lesson covers information about the psyche and how it contains many individual “selves” rather than one individual “self”.

Developmental psychologist Howard Gardiner discovered that instead of one intelligence each human being has a multitude of intelligences and that each intelligence is independent of each other.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and each intelligence needs to be developed through an unencumbered mind.

Because each of our “selves” has a different opinion of what we should be doing, you’ll quickly realise why everyday seems like a minor battleground of two steps forward and two and a half steps backwards.

With this keystone knowledge in place, your progress becomes a lot easier.

By understanding the conditions that switch your financial intelligence on, by understanding the psychology of your inner most “selves” and the psychology of your secret money codes you can put an end to procrastination, lack of confidence, fear and mistakes that keep repeating themselves.

By the end of the weekend, not only will you understand in which direction to travel, you’ll be able to tap into a powerful internal “enterprise guidance system” that’s just sitting there waiting for you to unleash it.

It’ll direct you towards more financial security, more independence, more personal freedom, more free time, more choice, more adventures, more joy, more health, more happiness and more peace of mind than you ever thought was previously possible for you.  

Subject: The neuro-science of changing habits: Developing the habits of enterprise and success.

In this lesson... I teach you how to change keystone “bad” habits into keystone “good habits”.

This lesson concentrates on the way habits form, how they work, where they reside in your brain and how they work independently of your intellect. It’s a new body of knowledge that provides you with cutting edge opportunities to finally become the person you know you really can become.

The only difference between someone who is ultra successful and someone who struggles is the nature of their habits. In a nutshell, its habits that drive most of what you do on a daily basis.

All habits are made the same way and have the same components... a cue... a routine... and a reward. Successful people have imprinted keystone good habits through conscious repetition.

Unsuccessful people have imprinted keystone bad habits through unconscious repetition.

There’s no reason to keep unproductive keystone habits in place. There’s no reason to keep financial distress in place when financial freedom is now more available than ever before?

It only ever takes a true decision to change one or two critical habits. In my mind, a true decision is only made when you no longer fear the consequences of making that decision.

If you fear the consequences, you'll never make a true decision. What you're left with is habits that equate to wants, needs, desires, wishes, aspirations but if you never make a decision to go after important outcomes... you'll never get them.

The real proof of the success that Money Mastery helps you achieve can be seen in the impact it has on others and the amount of success they generate.

As I look at what others are accomplishing after their time with Money Mastery, there's plenty of "evidence" that many are already becoming financially free because of the teachings and support they’ve received.

It's this ample "evidence" that's really impressive... and when you think about it, what more could you want?

Sometimes it's just a matter of tweaking one or two "bad" habits so that they become one or two "productive" habits.

This process has been extensively researched in the neurosciences and is not as difficult as you may think.

In fact, there’s an exciting body of scientific research that explains why some people are always stuck and never make change and why others seemingly change overnight.

 Once understood and applied, this knowledge will enable you to become more productive than you’ve ever been. It also helps you find inner peace because inner turmoil and resistance evaporate.

With the right support in place, you can create habits of success in every area of your life.

Not only can you can apply this new knowledge for your benefit, you’ll rocket to new results because you’ll know exactly how to set up new habits that work unconsciously and automatically for you.

Subject: Wealth mediums and economic cycles.

In this lesson... I teach you how to develop skills in various wealth creation mediums and how to apply them to current economic conditions so that you engage the best opportunities for success.

This is where you get exposed to different strategies and mediums from business and marketing, gold and silver, real estate and cash flow, shares and trading.

I’ll take you through the exact same steps I took when I moved from dead flat broke to millionaire in three years and eight months.

Not only will I show you how I did it, but if real estate, business and marketing are your passions, I’ll even get in there and help you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

I’ll engage you with a variety of real estate strategies, criteria for selecting profitable businesses and rules for sustainable productivity and value creation.

The weekend gives an insight into compounding , demystifies economic data and explains the importance of skilful negotiation.

I’ll illuminate the behaviour of unsuccessful investors, outline how to structure the way forward to financial success, show you the step by step map I created and others have used. I’ll teach you my Eighteen Rules of Sustainable Economic Freedom.

Note: It’s important to note that I am not a financial advisor and I do not hold a financial advisor’s licence.

In specialty financial instruments such as shares and trading, I invite highly qualified and reputable guest mentors into the educative space for you to ask questions of and learn from.

Subject: Inventions, business ideas and taking them to market.

In this lesson... I’ll concentrate on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur as defined by your ability to come and go as you please because you have time and money freedom.

I’ll take you through the steps you need to move through in order to progress creative ideas through to tangible inventions. We’ll concentrate on how to take inventions to  market or begin profitable business ventures with them.

This content celebrates the art of inventing and the solving of problems. It covers the mistakes that need to be avoided and the best practices to use. It’s important in both time and money that you avoid the common sequencing and mindset mistakes aspiring       entrepreneurs make.

I’ll take you through the ten most common mistakes to avoid and the six most powerful questions to answer before supporting an idea with your time, money and energy.

As an individual entrepreneur, or “solopreneur”, you’ll need to bring together three levels of mastery.

1: Process Mastery so that you can master the technical environment of the entrepreneurial arena.

2: Psychoponic Mastery because success must take place in mind, and be carried out through mind, before it can be achieved in physical reality.

3: Personal Mastery so that you can master the game of ups and downs, of highs and lows, of wins and losses. In essence, it’s a game of feelings associated with money. Since its invention, money has a property which no other invention has ever duplicated.

Einstein said that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Inspiration, influence and income; not a bad triple act if you ask me. The things you can do with more financial prosperity are endless. However, the flip side is also true. Without financial prosperity, the things you can’t do are also endless. So you may as well go after the prosperity that awaits you.

Subject: Advanced real estate strategies and renovation for cash flow.

In this lesson... I teach you how to start renovating real estate so that you can increase your cash flow.

Real estate and business just happen to be my two personal favourites. When I began my journey, I was dead flat broke.

I borrowed every cent I could to buy a house and begin adding value to it. Six months later, I had doubled the value of the house. Then I used the equity to do it over and over again.

Renovating is “hot” at the moment. That’s because we’re in the correct part of the cycle for it. You’ll learn how to add valuable equity to your property, or how to select a    property so that you get access to the best capital growth potential.

I’ll show you the steps I took and the steps you can follow if a similar process in real  estate fits your genius type.

I’ll guide you through the research phase, the analysis phase, the selection phase, the negotiation phase and suggest the most effective processes in each phase.

 I’ll teach you how to plan your negations and a whole lot more.

Subject: Moving from linear income to leverage income.

In this lesson... I'll teach you how to examine various business models… marketing strategies…  and how to move customer decision making from new brain to original brain so that you gain access to greater profits.

Cutting edge neuro-science has discovered NEW strategies for positively influencing “buying decisions”. If you’re a life coach, business coach, mentor, consultant, presenter, marketer, submission writer, business owner, networker or sales person and you want to rocket your sales and profits to new levels... then make sure you apply these marketing strategies.

When you do, you'll have new ways of influencing customers and increasing cash flow.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is not leveraging their business which means missing out on the increased profits you could be making by applying breakthrough NeuroMarketing strategies.

The buying brain operates a bit like a Swiss watch. When all the parts are correctly aligned, and there’s enough tension in the springs, everything works automatically.

If one part is out of place, or something jams up the works, it no longer functions the way it was designed to function.

Cutting edge neuroscience demonstrates that customer buying decisions work in a similar fashion.

New research reveals that 95% of the brain’s moods, emotions, behaviours, reactions and buying decisions are precognitive and automatic. They take place below the level of conscious awareness.

If you’re not marketing directly to your clients’ precognitive buying brain, you’re minimising profits, decreasing sure fire sales and letting too many opportunities slip through the cracks.

Even worse, you’ll feel powerless every time it happens. Fact is you may not even know how many times it’s happening.

Unless you implement new strategies into your marketing material, your relationships with your consumers will neither be fertile or profitable.

To increase your profits, following the brain’s pre-conscious decision making sequence is a must.

There’s a sequence of steps the brain goes through when making buying decisions. Each step requires the right amount of tension to lead to the next step.

By following these steps, you present the correct information in the correct order. And, when this happens, there’s a phenomenal increase in customer buying decisions that positively favour you.

However, if you present the wrong information or you present information in the wrong order, you’ll trigger confusion in the buying brain. You’ll lose your ability to win more contracts, gain more submissions, attract new clients and customers and secure more sales.

The Solution... Gain more customers, rocket your sales and increase your profits. By using proven and easy to learn NeuroMarketing strategies, you increase your influence and increase the number of buying decisions that positively favour you.

Subject: Influence, persuasion and the winning power of strategic negotiation.

In this lesson... I teach you how to apply the science of influence so that you become more persuasive, more memorable, and more successful.

Einstein said that, “In any given situation, the person with the greatest behavioural flexibility will end up controlling that situation.”

In any negotiation be it with children, in business or investments, developing tactical and management strategies, getting team members on board and pulling in the same direction, or in other personal and professional settings; the degree to which you can positively affect the outcomes you desire is critically dependent on your communication, influence and persuasion abilities.

It’s Communication, Influence and Persuasion Skills that ultimately determine your level of successing.

I’ll teach you the three elements of successful negotiations so that you can present more offers and close more deals in a positive and timely manner.

With these strategies in place, you’ll be able to apply them in both personal and professional environments so that you don’t get stalled and you keep moving forward to important outcomes.

Communication is defined as the transfer of information from one mind to another mind, or to a group of other minds.

Influence is defined as who you are and how you, as a person, impact the persuasion message. This includes whether or not you are perceived as a person of integrity, trustworthiness and credibility.

Persuasion is defined as the process of changing or reforming beliefs, attitudes, opinions or behaviours towards a predetermined outcome through voluntary compliance.

This weekend sets out to unravel the mysteries behind effective persuasion so that you can basically do two things. One is to stop others from taking advantage of you. The other is to clearly establish win/win pathways that ensure your success in both professional and personal settings.

You’ll be absolutely amazed at how quickly you can pick up and apply the cutting edge skills you’ll learn.

Last year, one of our graduates applied the information a week after he learned it to literally save his company hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business to business negotiation they were involved in.

So impressed was the company with his efforts, they generously gave him an extremely healthy financial bonus which was an absolute “wind fall” for him and his family.

Subject: Spiral Dynamics and bio-psycho-social stages of human development.

In this lesson... I teach you about the breakthroughs in knowledge about human development, coping mechanisms, value memes and value systems.

Spiral Dynamics is the groundbreaking research on human development by Professor of Psychology, Clare W. Graves. It explains why you think the way you do and why you value what you value.

It explains why different people think in different ways, why they behave in different ways, and why they have similar, or different, models of the world to yours.

Spiral Dynamics opens an illuminating door to value systems along with conditions for human development and human coping mechanisms for those conditions.

It explains why your partner, your siblings, your work mates, your parents and other members of society behave the way they do and why this often creates tension and unrest.

In this unique and incredibly enlightening body, we move away from theories about “why things should be a particular way”, and move towards direct observation of adult human behaviour. It explains the different stages of adult development and why people get stuck at different stages.

It applies equally well to individuals, communities, companies and countries.

The trouble is that if your potential development becomes arrested a particular stage, your decisions, choices and the way your identity shapes up are unconsciously and automatically driven by the deep values of that particular stage.

When development fails to continue, it’s likely that you won’t be able to get the important things you want from the particular value system you become conditioned into.

For example, there are eight stages of development open to you from birth, but society ensures that most people rapidly develop to the fourth stage and remain there.

It’s a level based on obedience to authority, and is full of rules and regulations. Its dominant thinking process is based on “right” way thinking, obedience, sacrifice and predictability.

It’s at the fifth level that you’ll find the psychological values and practical tools for enterprise and entrepreneurialism. It’s at the fifth stage that you find the necessary tools and values that encourage access to more time, more money and more freedom.

The fifth level provides you with options for differences in leadership, learning, management, social structures, and finances.

However, mass education and mass culture is not interested in your progress to the fifth level because its purposes for you are achieved at the “absolutist” fourth level of human development.

The fourth level is controlled by shame and guilt… it’s a level where everyone knows their “proper” place.

It’s where you’ll spend a lifetime on the “work/stress, not enough time, not enough money treadmill”.

At the fourth level, your money code is stuck on consumption and remains within the mindsets of earn, spend and borrow. There is no autonomy and no individualism at the fourth level. Instead, you’ll find sacrifice and compliance in large measure.

If you want more personal and economic freedom, you have to switch to an “achievist” model that encourages advancement, improvement and progress. It’s a level that encourages you to transform your value system to one that encourages multiplicity thinking, enterprise, achievement, boundary testing and expanding potential.

That’s why the mastermind reference group you’ll find in Money Mastery is so incredibly important to your own development.

It’s full of different people from different backgrounds all wanting to change the keystone habits of the fourth level.

The support you receive is second to none and it’s one where you build new lifelong connections and friendships.

The most powerful barrier to the results you want is a value system that will not shift.

In today’s fast moving culture, your level of knowledge, skill and income not only predict your future with money; it predicts your level of achievement and the amount of freedom and fulfillment you experience.

In a nutshell, the whole basis of the Money Mastery Program is to help you transform your values to a system that will allow you to experience the important outcomes you want for yourself and those around you.

Subject: Tying it all together.

In this lesson... I’ll bring everything we’ve learned over the past twelve months and tie it together in a step by step enterprise blueprint you can use for the rest of your life.

When I started out, I decided to make what I term a “true decision”, one that I could be proud of for the rest of my life.

Remember that a “true decision” is only ever made when you no longer fear the consequences of that decision.

I realised that my future happiness was far more important than hanging onto the excuses that had been conditioning my results over time.

Three years and eight months later, I became a millionaire and I’ve never experienced the stressors of not enough time… not enough money and not enough freedom ever since.

I didn’t make a decision because I was certain of becoming a millionaire or because I knew I’d become a millionaire… how could I have known that?

It’s not possible. I’d never made money before and besides I was a dead flat broke.

I was a potter, and although I had received many accolades for my work, the simple fact of the matter is that I lived in a society that does not value craft arts in ways that other societies do.

To make anything that even resembles a living from craft arts in a society that values machine made over handmade is almost impossible.

I made a decision to grow because I valued my future more than I valued the excuses that were holding me back. And this is a decision that now faces you.

I started out with one central idea… if I didn’t change something, then nothing was going to change.

If I didn’t try, I’d be failing myself and I would always remain unfulfilled. I’d always be less than happy because my inner self would always know the real truth... I didn’t have the courage to go after my freedom.

I simply couldn’t live with this idea grinding away at my psyche year after year; so not giving it a go was not an option. If I tried and failed, then I’d still feel proud of myself for giving it a go.

But if I tried and succeeded, then a whole new life would begin. If nothing else, I knew I deserved to give myself a chance at another life… As soon as this thought took hold, I knew it was time for new growth.

How many times have you said to yourself something like you wanted more time, more money and more freedom… but never acted on it?

Have you ever thought about the courage it takes to gain access to more time and more freedom? Or the courage it takes to give up the psychological and emotional dialogue that keeps yourself locked in your comfort zone?

Moving forward means “change”. Not the sort of change people wish for but don’t do anything about... Remember that if nothing changes... Nothing changes.

The sort of change I’m talking about is “real” change. It’s change that lets you breathe again and revives your old YOU.

It’s the sort of change that liberates your heart and soul. It opens doors to more happiness, more time, more independence and shuts the doors on stress, vulnerability, arguments, fear, sameness and inaction.

To experience your undeveloped potential, you have to give up your doubt, your disbelief, your lack of confidence, your distrust, your scepticism, your excuses, your shame, your blame, your denial and all the other crutches that keep you from realising the very things you say you want… but never go after.

When you have the courage to turn your wants into “musts”, your results change for the better and you become unstoppable.

Did you know that 85% of millionaires are “self made”?

As you begin your journey, I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

I’ll give you my strength, my wisdom, my support, my experience, my encouragement, my guidance and my determination to see you succeed.

All you need to do is take the first step and find the space to believe in yourself and your potential once again.

See you soon.


P.S. You can join Money Mastery anytime that's suitable for you.

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