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"The timeliness of the Pathway To Prosperity is no coincidence. The change in mindset, self image, and the journey of an extraordinary life has begun and just when I thought things couldn't accelerate any faster, I found I was deluded."  Heath

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If you’re looking for a place to start on your financial freedom journey... or if you’re looking to rebuild your money foundations so that you can achieve your important financial outcomes, then start where I started... The Pathway To Prosperity.

 The Pathway To Prosperity is a series of eleven steps that allowed me to travel from dead flat broke to financial freedom in a matter of a few years.

They represent the processes of changing my mind in a way that allowed the actual journey to financial freedom to be successful.

When I started out, I knew I was as trapped as anybody else by my inability to make more money. I knew I had to break this "inability stranglehold" before I could go on and become financially free.

The most important thing I did that didn’t involve financial risk or a huge financial outlay was to rebuild my psychological and emotional foundations from being someone without financial freedom to someone with financial freedom.

As it turned out... this process amounted to the eleven very specific steps I want to share with you.

I’m sharing them for a very important reason... so important in fact that I think it’s the missing piece as to why so many people who try to become financially free, never actually get there.

In my mind, unless you rebuild your emotion and psychological foundations from those conditioned by The Consumption Code’s earn, spend and borrow money behaviours... whatever enterprising money habits you try to build on top of these foundations will not work.

It doesn’t matter what financial strategies you seek to learn, unless you belong to the top 2% who are extremely ambitious, you’ll end up self sabotaging those strategies.

This is because The Consumption Code’s conditioning around money is so powerful. I see people sabotaging all the time. In fact, over the last fifteen years that I’ve been sharing my journey, I’ve seen it so much that it’s become a familiar pattern.

So let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you from now on. Let me show you the eleven steps I used to rebuild my foundations of mind and feeling in order to make sure I wouldn’t sabotage.

Each step describes a particular process I was engaging in before I started the journey that ended up in financial freedom.

These eleven steps are fully examined in a seminar series called The Pathway to Prosperity...

When I’m conducting the live seminars, which you can get replays of on video and mp3 if you like, I elaborate a lot more on each of the steps. There’s two and a half hours of content for each session.

I can only give you the basics of each step here... otherwise I’d have to write a book. If you want to investigate them further, I’ll tell you where you can get the extended videos and mp3's.

If you're in Perth and you want to come along to the live sessions, just scroll down and see which session we're up to and you can purchase your ticket online.

The important thing to recognise is that each step represents a foundational building block that allowed me to successfully change my conditioning around money. Together they allowed me to gain financial independence. Through their use, I’m hoping that you can achieve similar results.

Each step is based on incredibly powerful information revealed through personal experience, cutting edge discoveries into neuroscience and the psychology of abundance and prosperity itself.

In a nutshell, The Pathway To Prosperity shows you how to change from experiencing less to experiencing more.

Most people are closer to freedom and prosperity than they realise but they never give themselves permission to see this for themselves.

The sad thing is that they’re so trapped in their own “story” that they can’t see any other way of being. This was certainly the case for me before I started seeing things differently.                                    

Step 1: Walking the Red Carpet to the lifestyle you deserve. This is where you begin. By dramatically shifting your thinking into what's truly possible for you, a process is started which eventually leads you down a red carpet as though you’re attending the opening of your new movie.

Begin by writing a new life script for this new movie of yours. Make sure that it lays out the most effective pathway to your desired outcome. Be creative... make it all up because the subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or what fantasy is. Everything is real to the subconscious mind so don’t skip this process.

It literally saves you enormous amounts of time, money, energy and years of mistakes and wasted time. No longer will you feel confused or uncertain regarding getting the results you want. When you do this step, you begin to experience at the deepest levels of your possibility.

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Step 2: There is nothing for you to 'fix' - there is only something to think. Because it’s a normal part of societal conditioning, it’s easy to subconsciously take on the idea that there must be something wrong with you if you’re not already financially free.

There are so many parts of mainstream media that want you to continue believing this. That something is wrong and that you need to fix it. This belief is wrong and in this lesson I completely dispel this myth. Even better, I guide you through more effective thought patterns.

There is nothing broken in you, you are not wrong, you don’t need fixing... you only need to start thinking your new life script into existence. When you’re able to hold an “unconflicted” reality in your own mind of what prosperity looks like for you... your progress happens quickly.

If you don’t believe this is true for you, of course you’ll hold this reality instead and your results won’t change.

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Step 3: Assisted passage to your ultimate destiny - Part 1. Assisted passage is about giving yourself as much assistance as you can.

When you change from less fertile references to more fertile ones; when you change your circle of influence from those trapped in Consumption Code money habits... to those skilled in Enterprise Code money habits, there’s a special group of neurons called “mirror neurons” that make sure you automatically download more fertile thoughts and behaviours.

Parts one and two are the steps involved in accessing and experiencing prosperity. Part one defines the differences between a competitive mindset... encouraged by societal conditioning, and a creative mindset... encouraged by timeless wisdom.

Part one concentrates on the use of the creative mindset and tapping into the universal energy fields of causality; or first cause.

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Step 4: Assisted passage to your ultimate destiny - Part 2. Part two extends the themes above by concentrating on the strengths and weaknesses of where you spend most of your time. It describes various zones based on distraction, delusion, and demand that people either consciously or unconsciously spend most of their time in.

Once you understand where most of your available time is consumed, your assisted passage is greatly enhanced. By shifting some of your available time into activities that take you into the zone of fulfilment, you really begin to rocket your progress.

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Step 5: Victory, success and the conquest of Anti Forces. If you’re like most people, you’ve often started things with good intentions to change something that’s not working for you.

And while you set off in the direction of positive change, you soon begin to deviate from your good intentions. It’s here that you find yourself back in the familiar patterns of old thoughts, behaviours, emotions, environments and results.

These are the old foundations that are being left in place.

An anti force is described as anything that creates resistance for you or takes you off track. It’s anything that distracts you from your original intentions or keeps pulling you back into old familiar territory.

This lesson teaches you how to recognise anti forces and how they play out. It also teaches you how to deal with them effectively so you can stay on track.

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Step 6: How to manifest: from abstract ideas to physical reality. The word “manifest” literally means to 'bring into being', to 'place into one’s hand'. There’s nothing in the human made universe that has not gone through a process of manifestation.

Everything we see today in our human made world began with an “unconflicted” idea. It then travelled through various formative processes which made “manifest” the manmade physical reality we experience today. It’s the exact process I used to manifest financial freedom.

Please understand the importance of this process.

There is nothing in human made universe that has not gone through a well defined pathway from creative idea to material expression. Therefore the pathway is known and the pathway can be taught, and learned, which is exactly what this lesson sets out to achieve.

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Step 7: Sensory conditioning and the hidden secrets of mastery. Mastery is a process that involves cycling through access to new information and its application. Once you begin applying your new knowledge, you get results and these results operate as feedback for the next step you take.

How you interpret this feedback does one of two things. Either it allows you to sabotage yourself, “remain where you are” and no progress is achieved.

Alternatively, it encourages you to move forward by making slight adjustments to the action phase of your journey. External mastery feedback informs you of the adjustments you need to make and the actions you need to keep taking.

At some stage, you’ll need to access more information either through mentoring or knowledge acquisition, but basically mastery in any area of life, involves continually cycling through this five stage process of information, application, result, feedback and adjustment until freedom and prosperity are gained.

It’s this continual cycling process that is sabotaged the most. It’s why most people never get the outcomes they’re looking for and it’s why the kind of support you reach out for is so critical to your success.

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Step 8: Anything worthwhile doing is worth starting now. The term Carpe Diem is most appropriate here. It means 'seize the day', 'take the opportunity', 'grab the chance', 'make the most of it' or 'make hay while the sun shines'.

In life, you're either the map maker or the map reader. So who are you? Are you mapping your own territory to freedom, choice and prosperity or are you unconsciously following the map of enculturation?

Follow this map and it’ll trap you in The Consumption Code’s 'lifelong job ready servitude'.

Sadly, most people follow this map and no matter how hard they work, their results are always the same.

This is because enculturation’s map has only been designed to keep you trapped in The Consumption Code’s three money mindsets of earn, spend and borrow.

It does this by unconsciously conditioning you to the practices of conspicuous consumption, the “philosophy of futility”, and affluenza. But, by following the new map I’ll reveal to you, you’ll experience more of your true potential rather than less of it.

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Step 9: Escaping incarceration: the most effective pathway to freedom. The base state of enculturation is The Consumption Code. It’s a financial model that’s designed to control your spending and buying patterns for all of your working life.

Through its encouragement of debt, gratification and huge mortgages, it keeps you trapped on the “work/stress, not enough time, not enough money treadmill”. It’s a model designed for habit spending... not freedom.

It doesn’t matter if you’re educated or not, if you’re a labourer, a tradie, a professional or a specialist, if you continue to use this model, you’ll never be financially free. Your results will always be less than they’re capable of being... and less than what you’re truly able to experience.

If you’re unhappy with your results so far, if you have a sense that the time is right for you to experience so much more and if the time is right for you to be respectfully supported... this lesson gives you the perfect pathway to follow.

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Step 10: The five words necessary for Extraordinary Achievement. If you’re prepared to take this one on the chin so to speak, you’ll realise that your inability of move out of The Consumption Code’s grip on you can be summed up in five words... The Will To Do It.

When John F Kennedy asked Dr Warner Von Braun what it would take to send a man to the moon and return him safely to Earth? He replied with, “The will to do it”.

When Mother Theresa was asked what one needed to do in order to have a rich and fulfilling life, her complex but simply reply was, “You must start with the will to do it.”

You probably know what you should be doing, but maybe you just lack ‘the will to do it’.

Prosperity requires at least two things; the first is an understanding the laws of ‘causality. The second is an “unconflicted” will to do it’. You must give to the mill the grist it needs to produce the prosperity and freedom you want. In this case the mill is The Enterprise Code.

When you develop “ the will to do it” you’ll move away from your old results and stop giving to The Consumption Code the grist it needs to produce incarceration. Instead, you’ll start giving to The Enterprise Code the grist it needs to produce results based on financial freedom. Do you have ‘the will to do it’?

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Step 11: Working with the six most powerful Laws of Prosperity. I once wrote, "Although I didn’t know it at the time, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been following a force I had little understanding of.”

It’s only in more recent times that I’ve come to understand this force as being the power of intuition.

I have always trusted my intuition but I haven’t always tuned in to it 100% of the time. Whenever I did, I was always guided to whatever I needed at the time. Whenever I didn’t, I experienced setbacks.

Despite my setbacks and lack of understanding, I just knew there was something deep inside me that encouraged me to survive and prosper by following my deepest drives. Let me transfer this feeling to you.

This lesson is based on the six most powerful Laws of Prosperity. If you follow and integrate them into your daily activities, just like my experiences, you will be guided to the kind of prosperity you seek.

So there you have it... each of the eleven steps I took in rebuilding my psychological and emotional foundations.

I’m sure you can see that there’s a lot more information to be unpacked in each of these steps. Obviously not all of these steps are clear, linear, stop here, start there one after the other processes. Most of them are meshed in with each other.

But I’ve tried to separate the actions and thoughts of each process so that you can peruse extra study for yourself.

Alternatively, if you want access to the videos and mp3’s detailing the fuller explanation of each step then just click on this link and it will take you to a page that shows you how to get access to the videos and mp3’s.

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