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The Essentials of Wealth: is book 3 in Paul Counsel’s trilogy of wealth books. After you’ve read the first two books, this book is full practical things you need to do in order to make wealth move from a possibility to a reality for you.

For the past fifteen years, Paul has been teaching people how to successfully achieve the results they so passionately want for themselves. Now it’s your turn

The Essentials of Wealth is notable for the revolution in thinking it’s causing in the market place. It’s been described as the miracle that finally frees you to do all the things you have yet to experience.

Prepare to take off on an exhilarating ride towards a new future. As you read through The Essentials of Wealth, you’ll find everything you need in order to make wealth happen. It's your step-by-step action plan that supplements the blueprint described in Paul’s two previous books... The Psychology of Wealth and The Mechanics of Wealth.

It's great reading about what you could be doing, but it's even better to be actually doing it. In The Essentials of Wealth, Paul details exactly what you need to have in place in order to feel confident and secure on your journey forward.

It’s packed full of “street smart” knowledge that’s written in plain language. It’s often humble but it’s always authentic. It covers the essentials of wealth creation along with the baggage you must dump if you’re to have any real chance of a productive financial future.

This book is about developing all the skills and structures of your emerging wealth future. Unlike the step by step guides in The Psychology of Wealth and The Mechanics of Wealth, this book sets up the strategies of ‘How To’ be successful.

Together, the three books in this series represent the master plan that took Paul Counsel from dead flat broke to the multimillionaire lifestyle he enjoys today.

And this is exactly what he teaches you. First there’s your wealth creation mindset, then your wealth creation strategies and then your wealth creation behaviours. Together, these books offer you a rock solid platform to build your future on.

They’re a total package, a complete blueprint to your life of economic and personal freedom.

All you have to do is believe in yourself enough to take the first step into a new world of knowledge. People work all their lives for money and never experience freedom. So they keep working on a “work/stress, not enough time, not enough money treadmill” they can’t get off!

It’s crazy isn’t it... but what’s even more crazy... is not learning how to get off.

If you’re ready to get off this treadmill, then as quickly as you can get organised, you could be enjoying an entirely different outcome.

Like all the others who have believed in themselves enough to access new knowledge, soon you’ll be meeting and thanking Paul for his no nonsense support and guidance.  

Make this your time, and your year, because it’s your future.

After you’ve read the essentials of wealth creation, join him at his money mastery blog

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