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Psychology of Wealth

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The Psychology of Wealth: In your hands... this book literally represents a goldmine of potential. You'll enter the mindset that took Paul Counsel from the financial struggles he once experienced to the multimillionaire lifestyle he experiences today.

You’ll witness his passion, gain his support, access his unique perspectives and experience his unmatched desire to help you enjoy every bit of your unmet potential so that you can finally live with more time, more money and more freedom.

Paul was born to profoundly Deaf working class parents and spent his early years locked away in the isolation of the Tasmanian bush. He suffered through the ill-treatment of teachers and religious orders only to end up on a “work/stress, not enough money, not enough time treadmill”, he couldn’t get off. That is... until he discovered that the secret of wealth lay within its psychology.

The Psychology of Wealth inspires you to journey forward with more joy, certainty and confidence than you’ve ever felt before. You’ll be lifted so high that you’ll literally feel as though you’re flying to new results.

If you've ever wanted to understand anything about the millionaire mind, which is something Paul believes we all have access to, and if you want to understand something about how the money mind works, then don't go past this book. Not only does it illuminate the way forward with a huge beacon light, it provides you with a step by step process for success that you can easily follow.

The Psychology of Wealth is not a theoretical book written for academics; it's a deeply personal account of a journey from financial hardship to financial freedom. It's a practical blueprint, a step by step guide that takes you from struggle to freedom.

Paul Counsel guides you through a process that can take you from dead flat broke to millionaire in the same amount of time that it takes to get a University Degree.

It's a book written for you if you want to escape a history of unfulfilling results, and unrewarding careers. It's written for you if you want to unlock the secret millionaire’s mind that's buried deep within you.

You were born with the potential to be economically and personally free. Sadly though, your potential has been suppressed by the effects of enculturation. 

Luckily though, like so many others who are now achieving the success of their dreams,  you have a brilliant new opportunity before you... especially if you have a deep conviction for learning. Why would you choose to stay with your current results when so much more is possible?

Paul Counsel teaches you how to reclaim the millionaire mind you were born with, and how to switch on the critical keys that hold the secrets of wealth and money mastery.

The problem with most books is that they go straight into ‘how to strategies’ without telling you how your money code is conditioned for financial contraction. But without new information on how you’ve been conditioned by the enculturating system, it's nearly impossible to achieve financial freedom. So don't make this mistake because it will cost you years of time before you discover the true answers If you don't understand what the true problem is... you cannot make effective choices on how to fix it.

When reading The Psychology of Wealth, you feel as though Paul is having a personal conversation directly with you. It's uncanny but you'll be nodding in agreement as you witness familiar experiences page after page. It's been described as a book ‘you can’t put down’. What's even better is that Paul provides the answers to overcoming the programming that's holding you back so that you can live with more fun, confidence, certainty and more money of course!

The Psychology of Wealth, is a book that’s guaranteed to lead you through a myriad of awakenings and, at times, startling realisations that have you nodding in agreement.  If you want to be more certain about achieving money mastery and financial freedom faster, and if you want to overcome programming that holds you back, then you simply must read this book.

By allowing Paul Counsel to be your mentor to economic freedom, as so many others have done through his Money Mastery Process, not only will you be in safe hands, you'll be encouraged to achieve every inch of your true potential – a potential that was taken from you many years ago. Always remember that your true potential is still there and it still awaits you turning it on. So don't give up on yourself because Paul won't give up on you.

Say no to experiences that seek to hold you back. Say no to sameness and people who want you to remain the same. Say no to settling for less and being left behind. “Your greatest assets are your ability to learn and your ability to learn quickly. If you are not learning new knowledge, you are being left behind.” The Psychology of Wealth.

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