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Why Most People Never Become Wealthy And How You Can.

The sad fact of the matter is that most people do not take wealth creation seriously enough to actually become a wealthy person. Financial freedom, like success, is an emergent and not simply a "How To......." cause and effect series of steps. The single biggest factor in the achievement of wealth is a change in mindset from a consumer to a producer. And the biggest challenge to this change in mindset is that most everything in contemporary society is aimed at getting you to remain a consumer.

Many, if not all, successful people will tell you that the secret to success is using the power of the mind, or mind power, to access what is already contained within your desire to experience money mastery along with all the joys of more space and more time for family, friendships, contribution and adventure. The secret of wealth creation is to realise that you have a millionaires mind within you which has been suppressed by the effects of enculturation. However, as so many others are now achieving, it’s possible to reclaim the millionaire mind within you that holds the secrets of wealth and money mastery which are critical keys to your future.

Paul Counsel

"Mastering Money"

The latest free videos released by Paul. Nine videos of brilliant content to build wealth.

"Trading Mastery - the 3 P's of Extraordinary Trading Success"

For those of you who are considering or currently using Trading as a lifestyle.

Paul Counsel

"Daring and the Law of Attraction"

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law which is at work in your life every second of every day. By bringing daring to it your life will never be the same.

Paul Counsel


"Creating Extraordinary Results"

Let me introduce you to a brief description of recent scientific discoveries which are revolutionizing the possibilities in creating our lives.

Paul Counsel


"Changing Beliefs"

This gift is a no nonsense, practical and simple routine directed toward installing into your subconscious, beliefs which do serve your desire for economic and personal freedom.

Paul Counsel


"Five Principles of Financial Freedom"

The present system is engineered to prevent most people from having a quality seventy or eighty year life. It’s set up in a way that creates one work week. You perform the tasks involved in that one work week and then you repeat that one work week until it becomes one work month. You then repeat that one work month until it becomes one work year. You take three weeks holiday and repeat the whole process over and over and over and over again until you reach a point where the system says, “you’re no longer required!”

Paul Counsel


"Standing on the shoulders of Giants"

In this letter to you, Paul explains that you do not have to invent or discover how to be economically and personally free from scratch. There are those who have achieved economic and personal freedom so just ...... stand on their shoulders.

"Learn from those who have achieved what you want to achieve."

Paul Counsel


"Letting go of the Invisible Forces that have you WELDED to your Habitual Results"

As the titles says, this letter from Paul to you reveals the hidden elements of your make up which ensure the results you had last year will also show up as the results you are on track for this year.

Happily, Paul also provides solutions which will empower you to begin to break free from the Habitual nature of your results.

Paul Counsel


Software for your Brain

“ You and I, with our human brains, are preposterously over endowed with thinking hardware but we’re very short on software. Why this is so and what you can do about it is in this book.”

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson
from "Software for your Brain"


Building to a Plan: A Tool Kit for Success

By Paul Counsel

Why is it that most Australians choose to build their economic futures on opinions, advice, guesswork, hunches, intuition, on what their mates say and how they feel about things on the day?

Why is it that you allow a seventy to eighty year economic life to be built on a lack of planning, on a lack of goals, on guess work, on poor advice, on intuition, on feelings, on hunches and on a lack of knowledge?

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